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South Tyrol with Jake*s

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When Jake*s invited me to South Tyrol for a week I was both: surprised and excited. Surprised, because usually most blogger trips head to your usual locations: Mykonos, London, Paris etc. so getting invited to the mountains is not something you experience a lot. I love being in nature and visiting places I have never been before so I was also very excited! In this blogpost I want to share some of my highlights and favorite outfits with you from the trip to South Tryrol with Jake*s .


My JAKE*S Fashion looks

When we arrived in South Tyrol we were not only warmly welcomed by our hotel- Hotel Nives but also by Jake*s: my hotel room closet had been filled up with the most beautiful clothes. When it comes to fashion I love comfortable, basic pieces with a cool twist. I also like to dress up for special occasions. I feel like all of the Jake*s pieces perfectly reflect that, so it wasn’t hard to me to find looks that I like. Here are my favourite looks, which we shot at the beautiful Hotel Gran Baita:

South Tyrol with jakes fashion jolie janine fashionblog          South Tyrol with jakes fashion jolie janine fashionblog

South Tyrol with jakes fashion jolie janine fashionblog

Coat: here
Dress: here

I am so in love with print dresses and with a nice coat you can actually continue wearing them throughout fall. This trenchcoat from Jake*s Collection will definitely be a staple in my wardrobe for the upcoming season.

South Tyrol with jakes fashion jolie janine fashionblog

South Tyrol with jakes fashion jolie janine fashionblog

South Tyrol with jakes fashion jolie janine fashionblog

Blazer: here
T-Shirt: here
Pants: here

The best part about these pants is that they don’t only look super cool- they are very comfortable too. I paired them with a statement T-shirt and a timeless blazer to prep it up a little.

South Tyrol with jakes fashion jolie janine fashionblog

South Tyrol with jakes fashion jolie janine fashionblog

Dress: here

There is nothing more feminine than a floral dress. I really love this one from Jake*s because you can wear it with a pair of sneakers during the day or with a high heels as an elegant dinner look.


Exploring South Tyrol

After a few days of being in South Tyrol I had to ask myself: why have I never been here before? The nature there is indescribably beautiful: so raw, so fresh and so omnipresent. Just breathing in the fresh mountain air makes you feel relaxed and calm.

We really got to experience South Tyrol to the fullest: We went hiking through the mountains, had lunch at a traditional restaurant and got up close with cows. The other day we practiced Yoga in the middle of the forest with a view over the nearby village. It was calming and grounding to be surrounded by trees whilst meditating! We also learnt a lot of interesting things about the trees, the forest and natural herbal medicine from a local tour guide who led us through Valgarena’s forest. He explained to us, how nature has a lot of herbs available to help us heal and he taught us to listen to the sounds of the forest in order to be more present in the moment. Some of us even went paragliding! I was a bit too scared to do the latter, but I really want to give it a try sometime in the future. During this trip I was not hungry for a second, because we got spoilt by some of the best restaurants in the area, which cooked up delicious local dishes for us (they prepared some yummy vegan options for me too).

Of of my highlights was the Jake*s dinner which we had at the Sofie Hütte, which is situated on top of Seceda, one of the most popular Instagram spots in the dolomites. The view was incredible, we got to check out some of the pieces of the new Jake*s collection and we had the most delivious three course dinner.

I think a big part of what made this trip so cool, was the crew that was there. We all got along super well and it was just really nice to meet new people and to be around creative and fun individuals.

Everyday was filled with many exciting activities, which really allowed us to take in all that South Tyrol has to offer and had us leave with some unforgettable memories. I will definitely be back there sooner or later!

Pictures below were taken by Nora Tabel


Here is a video from our time in South Tyrol:





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