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Help, I don’t know what to do with my life: the struggle with University.

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It is time to get real and very personal guys. It’s been some time since my last personal blogpost and considering the fact that I am currently feeling as lost in my life as never before, I thought I would share with you what is going on.


With the superficiality that oftentimes dominates social media and the blogger world, I aim to be authentic and sharing personal struggles is part of that. Moreover, do I find that we can learn so much from other people’s experiences.


First of all, let’s recap: I moved to Cape Town last September, because whilst travelling and taking a Gap Year it was one of my absolute favorite places. The energy there felt right, the people were great and it was just an awesome place to be. When the time came and I needed to decide what and where to study I came to the conclusion: Why not study in Cape Town? Thus, in March of this year I started at the University of Cape Town and here comes the problem: I really really don’t enjoy it.


I have enrolled for a Bachelor of Arts degree, which is a rather general program (pretty similar to school).  In the first year you take 4 subjects and in the end of the year you pick two subjects that you want to focus on: your majors. Subject choices range from English to Psychology over to Economics. The reason that I settled for this course was, because I never really knew what I wanted to focus on and I thought this would give me the opportunity to try out a few different things.


So why is it that I have started to hate university after only starting 3 months ago? First of all, I feel like everything in university is way too theory based and it will only help me very little later on in life. Of course, certain courses like medicine and law are essential if you want to become a doctor/lawyer. However, I personally want to work as freelancer when I am older, because I couldn’t think of anything more horrible than working in a 9 to 5 cooperate job. I highly doubt that I will ever need to know “theoretic approaches to analyzing media” or certain economic theories that are purely hypothetical, later on in life considering what I really want to do.


” I couldn’t think of anything more horrible
than working in a 9 to 5 cooperate job”


I just feel like there is absolutely no point in me learning all these theories when I would be better off, dedicating my time to other things. The other day I asked myself: Why am I even going to university? And the answer wasn’t “because I enjoy what I am studying” or “because I will need it in the job I want to do later on in life”. NO, my honest answer was: because I want to make my parents happy and I am hoping it will give me some sort of security.


Here comes the plot twist though: Nothing in life will ever gives you security. There are highly successful people without degrees and people with the best degree from the best universities who still can’t find a job. Our world is changing at a rapid rate and technology is evolving so quickly: looking at the change that has happened in the last 20 years, how are we supposed to know what our society will be like in the ones to come?


“Why am I even going to university? It is not because I enjoy what I am studying – NO, it is because I want to make my parents happy and I am hoping it will give me some sort of security”


We only have finite amount of time on this planet and we should spend it doing something that we genuinely enjoy. For some people this might be studying business or engineering, for others this could be writing songs or acting. We are all so unique and different and our school and tertiary education systems pay very little attention to that. To me it feels like most of these educational systems apply a “one fits all” approach to students.


“We only have finite amount of time on this planet and we should spend it doing something that we genuinely enjoy”


Furthermore, do I feel like I am not growing as a person, doing what I am currently doing. Whilst travelling for the last three years I have grown so incredible much and I have changed 180 degrees from who I used to be. Now it feels like I am simply putting a bucket over my head and closing my eyes towards all the change I have undergone, just to do what is “right” and favoured by society. As a university student you have to follow deadlines, obey what you are told to do and try not stray away from the norm. I personally love being independent and when I truly care about something I will put in 100% of my energy. Now, by simply doing what I am supposed to do I feel like a bird trapped in a cage.


“It feels like I am  closing my eyes towards all the change I have undergone, just to do what is “right” and favoured by society.”


Please don’t get me wrong on this: studying at university is a huge privilege and I am very much aware of that. I also know that despite the fact of how I am feeling about all of this, there are lots of people out there who truly enjoy what they are doing at uni. Just because I am unhappy with what I am doing, that doesn’t mean that university is not enjoyable.


I am not sure what it is. Am I in the wrong place? Am I studying the wrong thing? Or have I headed in the completely wrong direction?

All I really know is that I am feeling as lost as I have never felt before.


Pauline 23. April 2017 Reply

Hey Janine,

Ich kann mir zumindest ein wenig vorstellen wie es dir geht. Schon als du davon berichtet hast, was dein Plan ist und dass du studieren willst war ich sehr überrascht. Denn ich konnte mir nicht vorstellen wie du Tag ein Tag aus zur Uni gehst, wo du doch 2 Jahre lang komplett frei warst und gereist bist. Wäre es denn nicht für dich möglich mit deinem Blog / Insta /Modeln genügend Geld zu verdienen? Das ist doch eigentlich das was du machen möchtest oder?
Ich will nächstes Jahr nach Australien und kann mir jetzt schon nicht vorstellen danach einfach zu studieren obwohl es noch so viele andere von mir unentdeckte Länder gibt… Deswegen würde ich dann auf eine Fachhochschule gehen wollen und dort Tourismus Management studieren. Da hat man viel Praxis bezogenen Unterricht und kann 2 Semester im Ausland studieren bzw. ein Praktikum machen 🙂 Vielleicht schaust du dich ja auch mal nach so etwas ähnlichem um 🙂
Ich finde es übrigens auch sehr schön, dass du deine Gedanken mit uns teilst! 🙂

Liebe Grüße
Pauline <3

Stephan 23. April 2017 Reply

Great post Jolie,
Follow your heart.

Mila 23. April 2017 Reply

I get what you’re saying but tbh who is REALLY enjoying uni more than traveling and holiday or shopping or doing whatever? No one.
But if everyone just ‘followed their heart’ and did whatever they want to bc time on earth is so short where would that lead.
Maybe the subject just wasn’t yours. But uni or any other educational trial takes effort for some time and people who can’t be financed by their parents forever have to get up either they want to or not. I’m sorry for this long speech of opinion but i’m also very sure you’re gonna find your way xx

    Alexandra 25. April 2017 Reply

    “But if everyone just ‘followed their heart’ and did whatever they want to bc time on earth is so short where would that lead.” I don’t agree with you. This world would be a much better place if everyone did what he or she loves. There would still be teachers, doctors etc as there are people that trily love doing this! Plus this system (that’s fucked up anyway..) would change completely.

      Janine Jahnke 25. April 2017 Reply

      SO SO TRUE!

Karolina 23. April 2017 Reply

Hi Janine, I’m in my second year of university, also in South Africa and I’m from Europe. I’m 24 years old, studying something that yes I do enjoy at times but I still don’t know if it’s what I want to do in life.

You have the possibility to work on your blog and rely on that. You can just start focusing on it, make it bigger and perhaps create something of your own. You have the chance to create something big, so why not? I’m 100% with you that you don’t need university to be successful! But you got this blog (and social media) which seems to be your passion and can also be your work. Do some brainstorming and try create something new. I’m sure us, as your followers, will love it ?

Lorena 23. April 2017 Reply

Ich kann dich absolut verstehen. Ich habe auch ein Studium angefangen, dass mir absolut keinen Spaß macht und womit ich nicht genau weiß, was ich später überhaupt richtig machen kann. Wenn du nicht mit vollem Herzen bei der Sache bist, wirst du es in jeder Klausurenrunde merken. Für mich wurde jede Klausurenphase zur reinsten Quälerei und die Motivation hat leider auch immer mehr abgenommen. Ich denke du solltest dir zuerst darüber Gedanken machen, in welchem Bereich du später ungefähr arbeiten willst, da ein “drauflosstudieren”, ohne den Sinn darin zu sehen einen meiner Meinung nach persönlich nicht weiter bringt. Ich ziehe mein Studium allerdings trotzdem noch durch, aus denselben Gründen die du auch genannt hast. Man fühlt sich nunmal sicherer, wenn man weiß, dass man einen Abschluss in der Tasche hat. Der Lichtblick für mich ist auch mehr das Auslandssemester, dass dieses Jahr kommen wird. Ich hoffe du findest für dich die richtige Entscheidung und glaub mir, du bist mit diesem Problem absolut nicht allein! 🙂

Caroline 23. April 2017 Reply

Think more about yourself, listen your heart and mind not other people because it’s your life

Michelle 23. April 2017 Reply

I feel you. I’m always feeling alive and happy when I do what I want, especially when I’m traveling. Back to Uni I’m just a lost person, I’m nearly done with my bachelor now (2 exams to go). But I don’t even have the energy for the last couple of months. I am not happy at all and don’t know what to do. I don’t want to work 9 to 5 as well. But what to do ?

Nadia 23. April 2017 Reply

I can relate 300%. After high school I immediately started a 3 year bachelor degree and absolutely hated it. For the first year i was genuinely depressed because everything i learned was boring to me, and i had to read around 300-400 pages every week about things i didn’t care about. I also didn’t like most of the people who attended that university. The only thing that stopped me from dropping out is that i did not have a plan B. If i dropped out, I’d be just as lost as before.

I totally agree with you that people should follow their passions, but unfortunately some people (like me) have no clue what their passion is or even if they have one. That’s why i continue to do things i don’t really want to do (internships, applying to master’s programs…), because that way maybe I’ll find my passion.
That quote you shared recently really describes this: “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there”. 😛

So in my opinion, if you already know what your passion is and what makes you happy, and you know that uni is not giving this to you, then there’s no point in you staying there.
But maybe a different program would be better for you, like communications with a focus on social media? That’s kind of the path I’m heading down now. It’s a good degree to have because companies are always looking for communications and marketing people.

So yeah, you are definitely not alone. I know so many people who were not happy at college. It’s really sad, since this is supposed to be such a great part of your life, but nowadays there’s so much pressure on us millennials, that I’m not even surprised.. But it gets better as we get older and more experienced! Good luck on your journey! 😀

Be 23. April 2017 Reply

Hi Janine, same happened to me last year when i started uni, and i am going to tell u what my mum told me and what i think is the best solution: Give it a try for this year, and if in the end of the year you feel the same, then maybe think of quitting, but at least give the uni a chance, because it might sorprise you as it sorprised me. Of course there always will be things you dont like or you think youll never use, but who knows! Hoping you the best!!!

    Amy 29. April 2017 Reply

    Such a good post and I think so many people can relate to this. I’m the same, 24 and still trying to find what I love doing after uni, jobs and travel, my only solution is to just keep moving and trying things ??. The hope is that something will fit haha!
    Also with 9 to 5 working, I think if you find the right environment you can actually enjoy it. Iv made some really good work mates in the past. So getting industry experience can be a first step and then once you have enough experience and confidents the world is you oyster. Go freelance!

Elise 23. April 2017 Reply

Finde das ist ein verdammt ehrlicher und tiefer text! You show vulnerability and realness and you share a feeling in it’s moment of existence rather than a year later when all is different again. That’s courageous and deserves some respect. Maybe University after all isn’t the right path for you to follow? “How can I do what I love and in the best case generate some sort of financial income from that?” Das ist die Frage! Die Antwort kannst natürlich nur du selber finden, aber ich finde es stark, neue und andere Wege zu probieren und den standartisierten Weg zu hinterfragen, auch wenn es nur beim Hinterfragen bleiben sollte. Viel Glück!

Marie 23. April 2017 Reply

Hi Janine! Don’t you think you feel that way because of your gap year?
You travelled, you discovered the world and enjoyed the taste of freedom. So maybe now, you have some difficulties to start over the same life that you left by taking a gap year?
That’s great to ask yourself the right question like these. But now, maybe try to remember why did you take this course in the first place? why did you chose this place also?
As you said, you have one life so live it for you. Fix you a goal and reach it no matter what. And as you also said, it’s just been 3 months… perhaps this is just difficult to readjust?
Wish you to find your way, good luck ! ?

Bianca 23. April 2017 Reply

Thats a really personal post and this soumds maybe weird but i think it is amazing that you can show this personal things with your Blogfamily. I would ask you some question: Do you regret it to study? And have you talked with your parents about your feelings? I’m sure they understand you. I don’t have to ask if you regret it to mive to cape town because i think everybody who follows you on instagram can see how much yiu live cape town. Do you think you can enjoy university the next years? Od would you like to change the subject? I think most important is that you follow your heart. I mean your heart said that you shoud move to cape town, right? And that was, i’m pretty sure a good desicion. Now, you can trust your heart and in this time you can follow your heart again. Does it say that this is really wgat you want to do the next years? And another thing: this is your life, not the life of your parents. They are not living you life. Every desicion is for your life. In an instagram post you said that you dont want to look back and say that you missed sonething because of someone. Now, again: follow your heart… ❤

Anastasiya 23. April 2017 Reply

I feel so much the same!!! Every time I need to do something for uni or go there, i get extremely sad. I spent the weekends cleaning my flat, just to have an excuse not to study 🙁
As you wrote, you never know if a university degree will give you security and opportunities in life, but from my point of view it is “must do” thing. I can not really explain why… but I keep pushing myself to study.
I wish you to find a solution soon! 🙂

Victoria 23. April 2017 Reply

Wow, deep post.
I truly think if i were you i would do a vocational test, to see if what you are studying is something you truly enjoy doing and applies with your personality. Maybe you just like the idea of studying arts and working in that world but not actually enjoy doing so. (i don´t know if im getting my point across)

Bernadette Blankers 23. April 2017 Reply

This is so honest and pure. Follow your heart, you are young and have so much going for you. X

Luisa 23. April 2017 Reply

Hallo Janine,

glaub mir, das geht nicht nur dir so. Sich für einen bestimmten Studiengang zu entscheiden ist eine große und verdammt wichtige Entscheidung, da sie im besten Fall den Rest deines Lebens beeinflussen wird. Ich sehe das so: Du bist definitiv am richtigen Ort, da du in Kapstadt zuvor schon glücklich und zufrieden warst und ich aus eigener Erfahrung sagen kann, dass man in Kapstadt super studieren kann. Ich denke dass dein Studiengang einfach die falsche Wahl war. Zumindest weißt du schon, dass du dich einmal selbstständig machen möchtest. Überlege dir doch in welchem Fach oder Gebiet du dir es vorstellen kannst. Außerdem wirst du beim studieren immer auf Theorien und weniger auf Praxis stoßen. Wenn dir dass nicht gefällt würde ich mir überlegen mit einer Ausbildung oder einem Praktikum anzufangen damit du gleich von vorne herein weiß zu welchem Ziel dich diese Theorien führen sollen. Dann kannst du ja immer noch studieren. Hoffe das hilft dir weiter!

Sophie 23. April 2017 Reply

Ich finde es wirklich bemerkenswert, dass du so persönliche Gedanken hier teilst und wie ehrlich du bist! Ich glaube, niemand würde dich verurteilen, wenn du aufhören würdest zu studieren und doch etwas vollkommen anderes machen würdest.
Das wichtigste ist, sich danach zu richten, was du für richtig hältst und nicht, was andere von dir erwarten. Auch wenn es eine schwierige Situation ist, bei der du bestimmt nicht die Einzige bist, solltest du auf deine innere Stimme hören und das tun, was dich glücklich macht. Heutzutage gibt es ja so viele Möglichkeiten, ohne zu studieren etwas zu erreichen.. Ich bin mir sicher, du wirst dich für das Richtige entscheiden.
Beste Grüße aus Deutschland und viel Glück!
Sophie xx

Maggie 23. April 2017 Reply

I totally agree that university is not the right choice for everybody. I am from the US and for me I enjoyed university because it gave me independence that I didn’t have before. Unlike Europeans, Americans often don’t have a strong level of independence growing up unless we live in a big city. Also, as the years in university went on I got to take more and more classes on subjects that I wanted to learn about. Some of my biggest passions that I have now were sparked by interesting classes that I took in university and I am so grateful for that. Of course there are always going to be courses that don’t suit you but you have to take anyways.

I think that if possible you should give university one more semester and then make your decision on if you want to go back or not. In the end I truly believe that if you don’t like university, you should focus your energy on something that is going to make you happy. Best of luck, I know you will make the right choice!

Jessica 23. April 2017 Reply

Hey Jolie, I completely understand how you feel! I think it’s particularly hard to adjust to university life, deadlines, etc. when you’ve had the amazing experience of being so free for 3 years and not having to answer to anyone! I know how I feel after just 2 weeks of travel trying to get back into “work mode” and it’s just so difficult. Traveling opens your mind and your heart and it’s almost impossible to go back to the same life and person you were before. I think if you gave it some time you would definitely adjust and settle in to this “new life” but perhaps that isn’t truly what you want out of life or perhaps the courses you’re doing are just not what you’re passionate about? Either way, lots of love and good luck!

Ana 23. April 2017 Reply

Hi Janine!
I’ve recently started following you on Instagram because I found your feed really appealing and inspiring, with all its colours & contrasts & places, and it led me to your blog.
I’m 23, I graduated two years ago and I am now taking a Master. When I got out from high school, I didn’t know which Bachelor I should choose. I decided for a degree that involved business communications, even though I had never considered that option before. It combined a couple of things that I enjoy (foreign languages and communication-related things) so I gave it a try. I ended up loving it! And you know what? I only liked (really, really liked) half a dozen of subjects when they were almost 30 in total. The reason I don’t regret taking that degree or why I don’t feel like it was a waste of time, was because I met people that broaded my horizons. I met a girl who wanted to do blogging for a living and showed me lots of things (blogs, vlogs, youtubers, etc.). After some time exploring, I realised I wanted to do something that allowed me to write and create content. I didn’t know what I wanted to do the time I went to college. I’ve discovered it only after, mainly due to my classmates and some professors that inspired me when they weren’t talking about all that theory.
From my point of view, going to college is not all about majoring in something specific so you can later excel in that field. For me, college makes more sense if you face it as an opportunity to meet new people, new cities and new challenges that can help you figure out what you really enjoy.
You said you’re not enjoying your Arts bachelor. Do you think you should consider some other degree? What if you don’t like it now because it’s only starting and you should give it a little more time? Or what if you know yourself enough to be certain that this is not your vocation? If it happens to be the latter, take some time to think and talk to other people about it. Check out other degrees’ programmes to see if there’s any that suits you better, considering your ambition to become a freelancer.
Nevertheless, I don’t think college will be a waste of your time. This experience can teach you a lot, especially about yourself. You’ll meet teachers and colleagues that will, too, broad your horizons. You’ll learn to see things from different points of view and you’ll acquire technical skills that you can confidently use later in your life.
Like I said before, only after I graduated I realised what I wanted to do. It was the combination of a degree that included a couple of things I enjoyed with a couple of people that broaded my horizons, that helped me sort some things out. I still do a lot of trial and error, though, let’s not forget we’re twentysomethings… But in the end you’re not supposed to have everything figured out yet. You try and learn things. Then you feel inspired and find a way to your passion.
Freelancing as in writing? Photography? Whatever it is, go out and do it. The skills that are missing you, you can get them at college. Maybe a particular subject is taught by a professor who can help you or introduce you to a course that can; maybe a colleague can share previous experiences that will allow you to feel inspired.

I hope you can make the most out of it!
Keep posting 🙂

Janine 23. April 2017 Reply

Hi Janine! My name is Janine too, and I’m from Germany as well 🙂 I’m also traveling lots and I have decided for myself to not study. I’ve never went to university. I have been struggling with that decision for a while too but since I’ve made it a few months or even years ago (I can’t even remember when exactly because I always felt like studying wouldn’t be the right thing for me) I can tell you that it feels just normal now. Not even like a thing anymore. It is just what I have decided on, and seriously life adjusts to that decision and still provides you with all sorts of opportunities. You know how it works 😉 Life always goes on and it’s never ever black or white. I know when you’re in the midst of trying to make a decision, it can seem like a huge thing and you can feel completely lost. But if can manage to relax, you can see that it’s not the end of the world. You’ve hit a problem, but hey that’s great because it will guide you into a more fulfilling direction and you are able to learn something now. That’s what’s important. If uni really brings you down, then quit it. No big deal, you are on your path and you’re super successful already! Just make sure you’re not doing something because you think it will make you feel better. Feel better first and then decide. Lots of love xoxo

bianca.matsumura 23. April 2017 Reply

Thats a really personal post and this soumds maybe weird but i think it is amazing that you can show this personal things with your Blogfamily. I would askp you some question: Do you regret it to study? And have you talked with your parents about your feelings? I’m sure they understand you. I don’t have to ask if you regret it to mive to cape town because i think everybody who follows you on instagram can see how much yiu live cape town. Do you think you can enjoy university the next years? Od would you like to change the subject? I think most important is that you follow your heart. I mean your heart said that you shoud move to cape town, right? And that was, i’m pretty sure a good desicion. Now, you can trust your heart and in this time you can follow your heart again. Does it say that this is really wgat you want to do the next years? And another thing: this is your life, not the life of your parents. They are not living you life. Every desicion is for your life. In an instagram post you said that you dont want to look back and say that you missed sonething because of someone. Now, again: follow your heart…

Verena 23. April 2017 Reply

Ich habe Jura studiert, nach ein paar Vorlesungen gemerkt, dass ich mich überhaupt nicht wieder finde, nur geweint, völlig am Boden, ohne Halt – Studium abbrechen ist doch nur was für Versager – nach einem Monat bin ich gar nicht mehr hin.

Jetzt schreibe ich gerade meine Bachelorarbeit in Wirtschaftspsychologie. Ich habe mein Studium geliebt! Es war wirklich das, was mich interessiert und ich muss auch sagen, trotz ökonomischer, psychologischer und anderer Theorien, dass ich mich entwickelt habe und dass ich diese vermittelten, nicht greifbaren, Fähigkeiten ohne Studium nicht erlangt hätte und dass man sie auch ohne nicht erlangen kann:
– Selbstständigkeit, Selbstorganisation, “sich durchbeißen können”
– Softskills, die du nur entwickelst, weil du dich mit Theorien auseinandersetzt und beispielsweise überprüfst und anwendest und so ein natürliches Gefühl dafür entwickelst, wie die Dinge funktionieren (bei mir z.B. Konsumentenverhalten, Content Management, Fragebogenkonstruktion, wie ticken Menschen, welche wirtschaftlichen Entscheidungen sind sinnvoll, welche Geschäftsmodelle sind tragfähig)
– Man lernt Dinge im Optimalfall automatisch zu hinterfragen, da nur auswendig lernen nicht zielführend ist und viel anstrengender ist

Fazit: Nicht das Wissen, was ich aufgebaut habe, sondern die Feingefühle, Softskills, globales Verständnis etc. möchte ich heute nicht mehr an mir missen und sie geben mir (vor dem reinem akademischen Titel) Sicherheit, dass ich beruflich erfolgreich sein kann, in dem Umfang wie ich es gerne möchte. Nur wenn man gut in seinem Job ist, hat man auch wirklich Spaß daran.

Mein Rat an dich: Such dir Fächer, die dich wirklich interessieren. Man merkt, dass Ökonomie vielleicht nicht deins ist, das muss es ja auch nicht, vielleicht ist es auch Ethnologie oder whatever. Wenn du dann merkst, dass es auch nicht funktioniert, kannst du immer noch ganz aufhören, aber bei mir war der Wechsel die beste Entscheidung meines Lebens und auch ich war mir vorher nicht sicher, ob es diesmal das richtige ist (O-Ton Papa: 1x kannst du wechseln, danach finanzieren wir das nicht mehr …). Ob das Studienfach dem entspricht, was du als Freelancer machen möchtest, ist total zweitrangig – ich kenn eine super erfolgreiche Digital PR/Promotion Freelance Beraterin, die Politik studiert hat, einen Marketing-Strategie Experten, der Soziologe ist, ein Dozent ist Geschäftsführer eines Energieversorgers und hat Kommunikation studiert.

Ganz schön lang geworden, kurz und knapp: Gib noch nicht auf!

Alexandra 23. April 2017 Reply

Puuh, ich kann das so gut nachvollziehen. Ich hab auch eine Ausbildung gemacht, gearbeitet, studiert, arbeite jetzt wieder im 9-5.. aber eher, weil ich dachte, das man man halt so, ich hatte keinen Plan, was ich sonst so machen soll, ich war da noch nicht so weit wie du, dass ich wusste, dass vieles anderes möglich ist.

Den jetzigen Job hab ich nur zum sparen, kündige dann und geh erstmal reisen. Und dann? Hab ich auch keinen Plan.. und ich werde dieses Jahr 29! Ich hab beschlossen, dass es mir ab sofort egal ist. Ich hasse meinen Bürojob, sprich, es kann gar nicht schlimmer werden, nur besser. So einen Job werde ich nie wieder machen, auch, wenn das natürlich alle erwaten. Ich träume ja von einem total einfachen Job in einem Café o.Ä. und nebenher so ein bisschen Social Media. Aber klar.. “Und für sowas hast du studiert?” würde dann kommen. Hab auch noch den Druck, ein Einzelkind zu sein, da schauen die Eltern noch genauer hin. Aber ganz ehrlich – so what? WIR müssen glücklich sein mit dem was wir tun und nicht andere.

Alexandra 23. April 2017 Reply

Ah noch was.. du verdienst bei deiner Instagram Reichweite ja vermutlich auch schon einiges damit, sprich, finanziell sollte das ja ohnehin erstmal nicht das Problem sein. 😉 Ich würde in dem Fall wohl abbrechen, wo du noch ganz am Anfang stehst. Hättest du jetzt noch 1-2 Semester, würde ich es durchziehen, aber so? Zeit- und Geldverschwendung.

Ana Ribera 23. April 2017 Reply

So, this is my opinion, but maybe it’s wrong:
I think you are not studing the right things, I mean, the things you would like. So you said you loved traveling and writing, didn’t you? Me too, and after thinking a lot I came to a conclusion(with my mum’s help). Now I know that I’m going to study journalism and social science. And I think that you are a bit of this too

Charly 23. April 2017 Reply

Bist du wirklich “Independent”? Ich kenne deine Situation wirklich gar nicht, erst recht nicht deine finanzielle. Aber über Instagram kommt es mir so vor, dass vorallem deine Eltern dir die letzten drei Jahre ermöglicht haben genau wie deinen Umzug nach Kapstadt. Den Lebensstandard den du im Moment hast, wirst du nicht halten können. Wenn du nicht studieren willst ist das ja kein Ding, nur du solltest dir bewusst sein dass die das sehr viele Türen öffnet (Network, Gehalt und auch wenn es dir jetzt unnütz vorkommt durch das lernen von irgwelchen ökonomischen Theorien bekommst du ein grundverständis). Ich möchte dir nicht zu nahe treten aber es war dämlich sich zwei Jahre off zu nehmen, nur zu reisen und dann so eine investionsnötige Entscheidung zu treffen ohne vorher die Zeit genutzt zu haben um Praktika zu machen. Dafür sind die nämlich da, um herauszufinden was man will. Wenn dir das Studium nicht gefällt solltest du es abbrechen, wenn es wirklich gar nicht deins ist. Aber dann mache Praktika und überlege dir das vorher bisschen genauer wo und welches. Sonst schmeißt du wieder nur Geld aus dem Fenster! Ich hoffe wirklich dass du dein Ding findest!! Sei dir aber bewusst dass viele nicht die Möglichkeiten und Ressourcen haben wie du.

Laura Pl 23. April 2017 Reply

ich bin sehr angetan von deinem Beitrag und muss da total an mich denken.
Ich denke du solltest dir vielleicht eine Ausbildung in einer Richtung suchen, die du interessant findest.
Vielleicht ja sogar in Afrika, so das du an dem Ort bleiben kannst der dich glücklich macht.
Uni ist leider in den meisten Fällen sehr theoretisch und das war absolut auch nicht mein Fall.. ich bin jetzt schon in meine zweiten Ausbildung (die erste Ausbildung habe ich auch erfolgreich abgeschlossen aber diese hat mich absolut nicht glücklich gemacht!) und dort bin ich endlich mal richtig. Ich habe nach der Schule wie gesagt die erste Ausbildung gemacht war dann als au pair in Amerika weil ich nicht weiter wusste und erst mal reisen wollte. Danach habe ich Fachabi gemacht und dann angefangen zu studieren.. ja und da fühlte ich mich dann wie du und deswegen bin ich jetzt schon wieder woanders gelandet.. heutzutage ist es ganz normal wenn man länger braucht um das zu finden was man bis ans Lebensende machen “muss”.. ich hoffe sehr du findest deinen Weg.. <3

Nicole Eddy 23. April 2017 Reply

I can relate entirely to your feelings, your thoughts & your confusion! Despite really enjoying my undergrad degree at UCT & being genuinely interested in the content I learnt, I was also always day-dreaming about what I could be doing with my time instead. After completing undergrad, my parents convinced me that I should go on further to get post-grad degree, and despite having my own thing going on already with social media, I didn’t want to seem like the odd kid out who appeared to be taking the high road while all of my friends were grafting hard, so I spent another year studying unnecessary content to please the outside world, my parents, my friends and a lot of people who didn’t really matter.

I guess after looking back, this is essentially like leaving a comment to my past self in my post-grad degree (if that makes sense, haha), and my advice to my past self would be to stop pleasing my parents and society because sometimes they don’t know better, especially about how our industry works, and essentially it was one more year that I could have dedicated full-time to doing what I actually wanted to do…travel & make content. At the same time though, I don’t want to discourage you from getting a degree because there is no denying that it adds a lot of value 🙂 BUT at the same time…life is f**king short 🙂

Great post, and it’s great to know that I wasn’t the only one who was/is so damn confused about figuring out life 🙂 Hopefully catch up with you & Alex in Cape Town the you’re next down! Sending love x

Diana 23. April 2017 Reply

Hey Janine, genau das habe ich auch durch. Und auch ich kann mir nicht (mehr) vorstellen, in einem 9 to 5 Job zu sein, so wie ich es war, und vielleicht noch täglich einem Chef/Kollegen ausgesetzt zu sein, mit denen man sich nicht versteht. Damals gekündigt zu werden, war ein großes Glück für mich, denn ich hätte einen Ausstieg nie allein geschafft, da bin ich mir heute ziemlich sicher. Wie du schon sagtest, es ist eben diese vermeintliche Sicherheit, die uns das Hamsterrad gibt und da auszusteigen braucht einigen Mumm. Jedenfalls hätte ich danach genug Freizeit, um mein erstes Buch zu schreiben und mittlerweile sitze ich als Schriftsteller fest im Sattel der Selbstständigkeit. Am Anfang war das beängstigend. Plötzlich keinen sicheren Job mehr. Ungewissheit. Kosten, die einem keiner mehr abnimmt, wie KK, RV usw. Du kennst das sicher … Aber was es mir gebracht hat, ist unbezahlbar. Freiheit. So sein können, wie ich bin … Ich will dir nur raten, lass die von niemandem einreden, dass du ins Hamsterrad zurückmusst. das sind meist nur die Leute, die selbst darinstecken und kein Licht mehr sehen. Lass dir von Ihnen nicht das Gefühl geben, dass du irgendwie “aus der Bahn geraten” bist. Ich habe das auch durch. — Und dann wollte ich noch kurz etwas zu der Sache mit der Weiterentwicklung sagen. Auch das kann ich vollends nachempfinden. Aber inzwischen sehe ich es nicht mehr als verwerflich an. Seit ich vom Schreiben lebe, ist mein Leben gefühlt auch irgendwie zum Stillstand gekommen. Man hat sein Haus, seine Arbeits-Routine, selbst wenn man von zuhause arbeiten DARF. Dinge, die man eben immer tut. Vielleicht kommt es eben zwangsläufig irgendwann zum Stillstand. Irgendwann kennt man die Dinge, die früher aufregend und neu waren und alles wiederholt sich. Hör auf dein Gefühl, wenn es sagt, dass das okay ist, geniesse es. Wenn nicht, Versuch entspannt zu bleiben und dich treiben zu lassen. Dein Weg wird sich vor dir auftun, vermutlich wenn du am wenigsten mit ihm rechnest. Alles gute <3

Lara 23. April 2017 Reply

Janinen, du führst ein Leben dass sich 100% deiner Follower wünschen würden. Und das (meiner Meinung nach) weil du einige Jahre einfach dass tun konntest was du wolltest (anscheinend) ohne jegliche Einschränkungen. Dass du daran gewachsen bist und dies viel für deine Entwicklung getan hat steht außer Frage. Aber ich denke auch, dass du dich in dieser Zeit in einer sehr unrealistischen Blase befunden hast und du dich in dieser Zeit, weil alles andere so viel schöner, interessanter, besser war nicht mit der Frage beschäftigt hast was du eigentlich tun willst. Also einfach mal für den allgemeinsten Studiengag eingeschrieben hast den es gibt. Und da liegt, meiner Meinung nach, das Problem. Irgendwas studieren um zu studieren ist nie der richtige Weg. Beschäftige dich ernsthaft mit dem Thema Studium, Ausbildung und entscheide dich für etwas konkretes. Wie du selber schreibst, man ist motivierter wenn man etwas tut dass man liebt. Wenn du also weißt was du willst wird es dir leichter fallen es durchzuziehen.
Ich mag deinen Content aber muss auch sagen dass sich dieser Post nicht sehr sympathisch liest, denn jeder muss sich an gewisse Dinge anpassen und nicht alles ist ein Bloggertraum in dem man machen kann was man will. Sondern es gibt nun mal regeln und Abläufe an Institutionen wie Unis etc..und so kam ein Teil deines Posts, für mich, rüber: wieso kann nicht alles so laufen wie ich will?! Einfach weil das so nicht funktioniert.
Ich hoffe du findest was du wirklich machen willst

Jenny 23. April 2017 Reply

Dein Post hat mich sehr angesprochen. Ich finde es toll, dass du so ehrlich bist. Ich denke, dass du vielen aus dem Herzen sprichst.
Ich selber bin 23 Jahre alt und habe die letzten 5 Jahre Jura studiert, aber keine Sekunde meines Studiums genossen oder gerne gelernt. Ich weiss nicht, ob ich das falsche studiert habe. Seit meinem 12. Lebensjahr war es mein Traum Anwältin zu werden, und jetzt bin ich in 1 Monat Juristin und habe das Gefühl, vor einem Scherbenhaufen zu stehen. Ich hatte in jungen Jahren so ein festes Ziel vor Augen, dass ich mir NIE irgendwelche Alternativen überlegt habe wie z.B. ein anderes Studium oder eine Berufsausbildung. Vielleicht habe ich aber auch nur Angst vor der Zukunft, jetzt so kurz vor dem Ziel.
Was ich hingegen weiss ist, dass ich das Studium nicht bereue. Ja, ich habe die letzten 5 Jahre halbherzig mit dem Studieren verbracht. Wer weiss, was ich alles hätte tun können in dieser Zeit. Ich habe aber eine gute Ausbildung, die sehr gefragt ist. Auch wenn ich mich selbstständig machen möchte und keinen 9to5 job haben möchte, bin ich froh, dass ich eine solide Ausbildung habe und eine Art Sicherheit. Und es tut meinem geringen Selbstwertgefühl auch gut. Ebenfalls habe ich alles rechtliche und kaufmännische Wissen um ein Unternehmen zu gründen und zu führen.
Was ich damit auch sagen möchte ist, dass man sich auch nach Abschluss des Studiums absolut verloren fühlen kann und keine Ahnung hat wohin man möchte. Ich folge dir schon seit mehr als 3 Jahren und du wirst deinen Weg finden. Du bist eine starke Person und du schaffst das! Liebe Grüsse

Marta 23. April 2017 Reply

Hi Janine,

I really appreciate this post and I wish more people would talk about not having a great uni experience! I know many people who feel similarly and continue to push themselves to do something that makes them unhappy because it “looks bad” to not get a degree.

That being said, I did find that finishing my degree was worth it as the jobs I’ve had since graduating (abroad and at home) would not have been available to me without a bachelor’s degree. But, it is up to you to decide if it is worth it to continue at this time.

The best advice I can give if you’re truly unhappy is to try another gap year or two and then come back to uni. My friend did this and found that when he started school again he was able to appreciate it more because he had a clearer view of what he wanted to do with his degree. He also felt that school came more naturally to him at this point in his life. He did have some anxiety about people thinking he wasn’t doing the “right thing” or that he wasn’t going to be successful. But in the end he did everything on his own time and it worked for him.

I hope this is helpful! And no matter what good luck with your next steps!

    Janine Jahnke 24. April 2017 Reply

    I found your comment so helpful Marta! The only thing is that I am already 21 and I am a little scared if I take another Gap year and start uni even later, I will be soo old when I finish my degree… Thanks so much, this is something that I will probably look into. xx

      Alexandra 24. April 2017 Reply

      Also ich hab damals erst mit 24 angefangen zu studoeren.. zu alt ist man nie. 😉 Aber ich hab davor schon eine Ausbildung gemacht und gearbeitet. Trotzdem denke ich, dass man auch mit 50 noch studieren kann (gab es bei uns auch welche).

Diana 23. April 2017 Reply

I just want to let you know that I felt this same exact way, as I’m sure many others have as well. Truth is, I think you need to give it a little more time. I feel like the reason I didn’t like the classes I was taking was because I hadn’t found my passion yet. After bouncing around many majors, then finally settling in Neuroscience- I found my true passion, which is medicine. Now I am in my second year of medical school and go to class with a huge smile on my face and absolutely love what I do. Finding the subjects i really love- didn’t happen until my 3rd year of my bachelor’s degree!

I know a lot of these classes seem like a waste or pointless, but they do teach you a lot. They teach you responsibility, dedication, and theoretical thinking. A lot of the teaching in schools isn’t tangible, so it’s easy to think that you’re not going to get anything out of it. Group work will teach you how to work with others. Certain tests will teach you analytical thinking, and others classes will teach you hard work.

So don’t give up and give it more time! You might just find your calling.

(And it’s completely okay if you don’t!)

    Janine Jahnke 24. April 2017 Reply

    That is so inspiring. I hope that I will also find something that puts a smile on my face, just like your degree does for you 🙂 xx

Mieke Schwartz 23. April 2017 Reply

I know how you are feeling! ? I am currently a matric student. South African, living about an hour and a half from Cape Town.

My parents want me to go study, so I am applying for LLB (law) at Stellenbosch University. Do I have a passion for law? No. Do I love law? No. Do I like law? I don’t know. I actually want to be an engineer, but maths and science is not my strongest point. ??

My dream job is to become a pilot. ??‍✈️ It is super expensive so that is why I want to study law first and then work for a few years for some #moneyinthebank ? to pay my pilot training myself. #cashmeoutsidehowboutdah? ??
So with that decision, I asked myself, “Why pilot?”
Well, answer was simple.. I am a “free” personality. I don’t want to do the same thing over and over everyday, see the same faces everyday, go to the same plave everyday. I am not a robot. I am a LIVING human being. And that is why I want to be a pilot. I get to see the world ? meet different people, see different places and LIVE life!

So when I read your post, a thought jumped to my head?at first I thought to just let it go, but I just got to mention it to you.

Have you ever thought about becoming a flight attendant? ✈️ ?

I personally believe that this is a wonderful job especially for people looking to be free. Yeah, you got to serve people and take care of the passengers, but as soon as that plane touched down, you are free. Even if it is just for a day or two before your next flight.
You get to travel and meet people. Stay in nice hotels for free. Experience different cultures and fashion. All for free and actually getting paid to do so.

I don’t know, something just feels like I needed to mention this to you. ?
I hope you find something out there that genuinely makes YOU happy. Like you said, the world is changing rapidly, your cloud 9 will come. ??☁️

Lots of Love ??

    Janine Jahnke 24. April 2017 Reply

    Thank you so much! That is actually a really good point 🙂 My dad was a pilot and my mom a stewardess. So cool to hear that you are going through something similar- make sure to never give up on your dream of becoming a pilot! Lots of love, Janine xx

Laura 24. April 2017 Reply

Hello Janine!
I believe as a next step you need to figure out what you want to do – after finding out this study course is not what you want to do. I have almost finished my Master Degree in Business and the knowledge I have now is so helpful to start my own business. I did not enjoy every second, it has been very hard and lots of work (no weekends, not many vacations..) but still I knew that it was the right field for me.

Yes there are people who didn’t study and are successful and make lots of money – but truly it is not the norm.

You are very good at blogging and fashion, probably PR. I encourage you to work hard to find out what you want to do as a profession in the future, and what you have to do for it. Focus on that and even tho the way might be hard at least it will be worth it.


    Janine Jahnke 24. April 2017 Reply

    Thank you so so much for that helpful piece of advice! 🙂 <3

sam 24. April 2017 Reply

i think to do jobs like freelancing (not really sure what youre planning to be a freelancer in though?) you dont neeed to go to uni. youre going to be your own boss and so you dont need a degree to prove to yourself that you are hardworking, smart and capable.
its only when you want to go for jobs that a degree is necessary because it lets an employer know you have what it takes to atleast pass a uni degree.
my grandpa was forced to leave school at 15 because his family couldnt afford it. he found a job in a real estate agent and just by being a people person eventually wound up in property development and put up the first shopping mall in aus. he would have learnt stuff at uni, yes, but in a degree such as business and in your case, media so much of it is opinion anyway!!! youre just going to be learning in parrot fashion what hundreds of other students are also learning from a couple of lecturers. how are you meant to be individuals then and stand out in an overgrown idustry. if i were you i would get into the social media stuff more, build your profile and it will be enough to get you where you want to go. dont worry about your parents, they will be just as proud of you no matter what 🙂

    Janine Jahnke 24. April 2017 Reply

    Thanks so much for sharing this story- it is really inspiring 🙂 Lot so of love to you!

Amélie 24. April 2017 Reply

Hi Janine !

I feel exactly the same : i work as a marketing manager. I love my job but i started to hate my place of work one year ago because of a new director. Last week, i woke up and i felt that i just couldn’t do it anymore ! So i just quieted ! I don’t know what the futur will be but i feel so much better… and of course insecure at the same time. But i just follow my heart and i know everything will just be fine !

Follow your heart, your feelings and do what YOU like ! Life is too short… You already built a great community on instagram and with your blog, your full of success so fuck it, just go !

I send you lot of good vibes from Switzerland !


Matthew 24. April 2017 Reply

Hey Hey.

Firstly, I am Also Studying at UCT so I can relate a little bit. If im honest, the first and even second year was quite boring and tough (Im studying business science) but now that im in third year, Im really enjoying my courses and also really looking forward to the next two years of study.
I know that the courses may seem pointless and you may feel like the theoretical work boxes you. However I think that would be a mistake, if you only use the theorectical work in the way you are taught to use it, it will definitely box you but if you take the work and apply it in different ways, you could creative something very unique. Im not sure if that makes sense but seriously, it will be so worth it.

Take courses like economics and accounting and tax (if possible) they might seem boring but 10-15 years from now when you are a powerful business women, going far in life, you’ll look back and see how those courses will give you confidence to interact with all types of people.
Theres so much knowledge out there. all you need to do is learn abd the harness the knowledge in your own way. best of luck and please dont leave, you might not regret it now but in 20 years you will probably wish you could go back.

Ps. the stories of successful people who didnt go to university are rare but if youre willing to take the chance, then go for it 🙂

Anna Christina 24. April 2017 Reply

Dear Janine,

Reading this post, I could really relate to your present internal struggle. I experienced almost the same last year when I started university-with the difference that you have two years of traveling, broadening your mind and living in full independence ahead of me.
Of course we are different people and what worked for me might not work for you, but what was my personal solution was changing from university to a FH (university of applied science). There, I have way less theoretical courses (you can’t avoid a few to get basic knowledge) and do actual projects for real companies instead. At my FH, you can even choose the program as a full time or part time student allowing you to work on your own job as a freelancer or blogger on the side.
I had never even thought about going to a FH before but I like it so much more and found some really close friends in the smaller student group than before. Maybe you should have a look at programs offered at FH’s as well 🙂

Good luck and all the best from Austria,


Lauren 24. April 2017 Reply

I feel exactly the same way ? University always makes me feel like I have to count my life down by always waiting for class to finish or for the weekend and holidays to start ?

On a side note, I’m really grateful that I’ve discovered your blog because you capture such beautiful pictures of South Africa and have made me realise how beautiful my country actually is ?? You’ve absolutely fuelled my desire to go on a road trip around South Africa and explore every inch of it ?

Wishing you all the best,
Lauren xx ?

Seb 24. April 2017 Reply

Hey Janine,
ich bin etwa im selben Alter wie du und habe vor ca. 2 Jahren meine eigene Social Media Marketing Agentur gegründet. Ich kenne mich daher sehr gut aus in der Branche, insbesondere da ich auch einen erfolgreichen Fitness & Ernährungs- Channel aufgebaut habe. In meinen Augen liegt die Entscheidung auf der Hand! Wenn du keinen Spaß an den Themen der Uni findest und du sowieso lieber deine eigene Firma aufbauen möchtest/ als Freelancer arbeiten willst, solltest du die Uni verlassen. Du hast bereits das geschafft, was unheimlich schwer ist und wovon die meisten nur träumen! Das alles nebenbei zu betreuen wird im Normalfall irgendwann darunter leiden. Es gibt minimum 5 sehr gute Wege deine Social Media Kanäle + Blog zu monetarisieren und langfristig damit sehr wahrscheinlich sogar mehr Gewinn zu erzielen als mit einem “normalen” Job. Das ist kein traditioneller Weg, aber das braucht man heutzutage auch nicht immer zwingend. Du solltest deine Aufmerksamkeit noch mehr auf deinen Blog und deine Social Media Präsenz richten, da Personen deine Leidenschaft teilen und dich als Person mögen. Du kannst immer wieder zurück und ein Studium weiterführen, aber nur begrenzt zurück, um deine persönliche Marke aufzubauen. Wenn du magst gebe ich dir gerne ein paar wertvolle Tips bei einem kurzen Telefonat via Skype o.ä.

Dominic 24. April 2017 Reply

hey !
I went through something similar maybe this can help…

Soooo I moved to from the UK to Colombia South America at 18 to study art. Absolutely hated every minute.. my dream job was to become a tattoo artist and I thought that I needed a diploma in art beforehand… turns out I didn’t. I found a studio they took me in and I worked hard. Now at 24 I just recently moved to a really well known studio in baden baden germany. Deciding to quit uni was the best decision ever.

You’re going to have to risk it BUT the reward will be greater than sitting at a desk. You’ll instead be out in the real world hustling and achieving.

I’m sure things will fall into place if you work. Kinda silly really… but work at building new connections with others you are inspired by or with who can guide you. Work by learning more about social media, fashion, photography, travel, branding, marketing … you’ll make mistakes along the way but then you’ll learn from that and thats called experience and a diploma can’t give you that. You’ve built a great blog and social media presence use that as a stepping stone !

now work ! haha

Vanessa 25. April 2017 Reply

I have some input on this topic. I started college when I was really young- only 15. I was excited about it because coming from high school to college felt like a whole new world to explore. But, unfortunately I realized quickly: 1. I didn’t thrive in that learning environment 2. I didn’t know what I actually wanted to study 3. I was not interested in my courses (much like where you are, it sounds). I struggled through 6 years of college to try to “make people proud of me” and “do the right thing”. All the while, I had all these awesome ideas of what I could do for a living and NONE of them required a degree and my degree program took up all of my mental space so I couldn’t really even look into how to pursue what I wanted to do. I graduated with a degree I hated “just for the sake of getting a degree” and had to pay for the student loan debt that I accrued in going to college (because in the US college is insanely expensive and you have to pay out of pocket or take out loans). Long story, I know. But point is, if I could go back and change the choices I made then, I would have quit college the minute I knew it wasn’t for me because I am now 24 and JUST getting to start pursuing the career I ACTUALLY want to do. College set me back far more than it helped me. I don’t want to speak for you, but in my opinion and from my experience I would say if you know what you want- pursue it wholeheartedly. And if that dream changes it’s okay to change again. It’s okay for people to change their minds- its human. No matter what anyone says you have a right to make new decisions as you grow and change. If you have a dream or a vision for your life and university isn’t fitting into that picture that’s okay! I hope whatever decision you make is one that makes you happy and that you have peace inside in making it 🙂 Lots of love <3

Jemma 25. April 2017 Reply

Hey Girl,

Sorry if it’s been said above. But if you’re still keen on tertiary education perhaps something more towards your creative side. Your blog, Instagram, jewelry line and social media accounts etc. are your brand and if that’s something you’re into perhaps you should look into something like Vega or AAA.

I studied at Vega in Town and it really opens your mind up to a whole other creative way of thinking. It’s not just theory day in and day out, although there may be a few sleepless nights finishing projects. So even if you think what you’re currently doing won’t last forever, you can always do something creative and live in the fast paced creative scene.

Good luck. Xx

    Janine Jahnke 25. April 2017 Reply

    Thanks so much for the advice, I will definitely look into it. 🙂

Erika Carlier 25. April 2017 Reply

Hello Janine,
My name is Erika. Honestly I stumbled upon your Instagram picture while I was trying to find a caption for a picture I was just about to post. I read the caption on you latest picture and decided I needed to come over and read your post.
I came here and realized that we have the exact same feelings on university. (or college here in the states) I feel as though college is limiting me to what I truly want to do. I want to work for myself, own my own business, and basically be a “girl boss.” I hate the idea of working a 9-5 job and not being able to pick up and go somewhere when I want to. I hate how limiting it is.
The reason I don’t just drop this uni experience is because of my parents. You mentioned you do this because you want to make your parents happy, and I feel the same way. There is so much outside pressure to complete a degree. (and at this point my parents are not at all supportive of me not doing uni) So I’m so lost, and I get what you’re going through.
The way I’m trying to cope with this is studying abroad in the Spring of 2018 and then I’m going to graduate early! So at least I don’t have to spend an extra 4 months at this place. It’s so incredibly hard doing something you don’t want to do, or really don’t feel right doing. Something you know may not even help you. It feels like a waste of time, a waste of a few years. Doing something for a false security, because like you said you can go to the greatest university ever but Joe Schmo over here can create the next Apple. There’s no telling you what your degree will or will not get you. It’s hard to figure it all out in advance.
If you’re still looking into staying in uni I would suggest maybe going to a place that has a specialized business program and maybe major in entrepreneurship since that seems more of what you’d like to do.
So much love, and the best of luck to you!
I’d love to chat with you!
Erika Carlier
(my instagram is @erikaacarlier if you’d ever like to talk!)

Anna 25. April 2017 Reply

Ich kann deine Gedanken sehr gut nachvollziehen, oft genug ist es mir genau so gegangen. Jedem, der an einer Universität studiert und viel theoretisches lernt, wird es wohl so gehen. Um ehrlich zu sein, kenne ich niemanden unter meinen Kommilitonen, der nicht mehr als einmal gezweifelt hat. Ich habe es durchgezogen und hier kommt nun der Grund, warum ich es auch dir empfehlen würde: die Theorien, die du lernst, wirst du wahrscheinlich im Arbeitsleben nicht brauchen, außer du gehst selbst in die Wissenschaft; aber dennoch hat das an der Uni vermittelte Wissen mir wahnsinnig viel gebracht. Ich konnte eine ganz neue Art des Denkens entwickeln, Dinge weitaus besser erfassen, abstrahieren und verstehen und bin insgesamt einfach klüger geworden. In meinen Augen sind die Fakten und Theorien, die ich gelernt habe nur Mittel zum Zweck, und zwar, dass ich nun mit anderen Augen auf die Welt blicken, meine Meinung zu einer Vielzahl an Themen bilden, mich komplexer ausdrücken kann und mich schlichtweg auf einer intellektuellen Ebene weiter entwicklen konnte. Dies alles ist bestimmt auch auf andere Weise möglich, aber unterschätze nicht die Macht und Auswirkungen von Wissen auf dich persönlich und die Entwicklung, die du in der Uni durchmachen würdest. Dafür ist meiner Meinung nach die Ausbildung an einer Universität (im Vergleich zur Ausbilung oder FH) da, auf eine wirklichen Beruf bereitet es dich in vielen Fällen kaum vor. Aber, wenn dich das reine Streben nach Wissen nicht reizt oder es dich langweilt, dann würde ich das Studium auf jeden Fall überdenken.
Noch ein anderer Punkt, der vielleicht nicht abenteuerlich und schön ist: im Moment bist du erfolgreiche Bloggerin und verdienst wahrscheinlich damit dein Geld. Aber wirst du das in 10, 20, 30 Jahren auch noch machen? Werden Blogs dann überhaupt noch exisitieren und interessant sein? Ja, viele erfoglreiche Menschen haben die Schule oder Uni abgebrochen, aber die aller meisten Drop-Outs haben später mit bürokratischen Hürden, Ansprüchen, denen sie nicht gerecht werden können und falschen Vorstellungen zu kämpfen. Ich will dir das auf keinen Fall ausreden und mich gegen all die inspirational comments hier stellen, aber ich denke es ist wichtig, diese Seite auch zu erkennen. Ich hoffe, du verstehst was ich meine. 🙂

Reni 25. April 2017 Reply

I feel like university is a huge struggle for creative people because all we ever wanna do is CREATE and we wanna do that 24/7. But that’s not possible if you’re also pursuing something else. Now, it’s up to you where you want to take your creativity. Do you just wanna have it on the side as something fun and non-school related or do you want to make a living off it? It’s honestly up to you:) If you see a bigger future with your creative business, then why not take the plunge?
On the other hand, a university degree is not useless. You could still learn skills that you could leverage toward your freelance lifestyle. It’s all a matter of perspective.

Alise 1. May 2017 Reply

I totally understand where you are coming from. but, on the other hand, even if you want to do freelance, there will be deadlines to follow and certain rules that will apply. and these rules don’t always need to mean that by accepting them, you are conforming to society. i think maybe you need to look at university from a different perspective. I am also studying at UCT, and while i agree with you that a lot of the things we learn, especially in film and media, are quite theory based, it is always good to have background knowledge in the area you want to work in later in life. for example, by understanding how media has evolved over the years and which approaches have worked, it could help YOU build off of those ideas and approaches and add your own personal twist to it. also, i think maybe you should give it a little bit more time before you decide that university isn’t for you. just because you are going do uni doesn’t mean you can’t do the things you love! you can still keep growing and evolving outside of university. you don’t have to look at it like a cage. sometimes the courses can really surprise you. maybe you just aren’t taking the right courses! for example there have been so many situations where I’ve been sitting in class and i realised that the specific topic we were talking about interested me a lot, and i never thought it would have! that opened me up to many more ideas and pushed me to explore that specific interest. i think no matter what you do, there will always be some sort of theoretical side to it, and that doesn’t necessarily need to be a bad thing. sometimes learning the theory of things can help us understand the topic and our interest better, giving us more background knowledge on it. honestly you never know what can happen in the future, and maybe the things you are learning will be very helpful to you at one moment in time. think about it this way: driving down a road, not knowing anything about it will give you a completely different experience than driving down that same old, knowing the history of it, the types of people that live there, what that area is known for, etc. give it some time. you will find your way. just remember that going to uni doesn’t mean you need to put your whole life on hold.

Kathrin 9. May 2017 Reply

Liebe Janine,

es gibt bereits 60 Kommentare, die nicht alle gelesen habe, deshalb entschuldige bitte, wenn ich Gesagtes wiederhole.
Ich möchte dir gerne ein bisschen von meinen Erfahrungen erzählen und hoffe, dass sie dir auch weiterhelfen. Nach der Schule dachte ich erstmal ich würde niemals studieren und so habe ich nach dem Abitur erstmal zwei Jahre “Pause” gemacht – ich habe viel gearbeitet (nicht immer schöne Jobs) und bin viel gereist. Irgendwann bin ich zurück nach Deutschland, weil ich dachte ich müsse jetzt mit etwas “richtigem” beginnen. Bei den Vorstellungsgesprächen habe ich mich jedoch überhaupt nicht wohlgefühlt und so wurde mein Start in den Berufsalltag doch noch weiter hinausgezögert. Was ich dadurch gelernt habe? Auf meinen Bauch zu hören. Heute bin ich bereits im Master. Ich finde auch nicht alles toll was wir in der Uni lernen, aber weil ich ein Ziel vor Augen habe, kann ich für ich persönlich einen Fokus legen. Vielleicht ist das dein Problem? Natürlich ist es wünschenswert nach Interesse zu studieren, aber wenn das pauken Pflicht ist, fragt man sich doch wofür das alles gut sein soll. Vielleicht musst du einfach noch ein konkreteres Ziel vor Augen haben, damit du weißt wofür du das alles machst. Vielleicht erreichst du dieses Ziel ja auch ohne Studium.
Zum Schluss noch ein paar Dinge, die mich mein Studium gelehrt hat:
– Natürlich kann mich sich nicht alles merken. Natürlich wird man auch nicht alles brauchen. Aber man kann durch die Sachen, die einen mehr interessieren, einen Schwerpunkt für sich selbst finden.
– Lass dich nicht vom Titel täuschen! Vieles klingt toll, ist es aber nicht – und umgekehrt.
– Leider, leider ist es oftmals von den Dozenten/ Professoren abhängig.

Mach dir keinen Stress, höre auf dein Bauchgefühl. Das Leben hat mich gelehrt, dass es immer etwas zu tun gibt, wenn man es nur will. Das kann bedeuten, dass man eine Zeit lang einen Job macht (möglicherweise auch ein Studium), den (/das) man weniger toll findet, aber es einem auf dem Weg zum Ziel hilft. Auch schlechte Erfahrungen sind wichtig. So lernt man sich selbst und andere Perspektiven kennen und weiß am Ende zu schätzen, was man hat.

Alles Gute! XX

    Janine Jahnke 10. May 2017 Reply

    Liebe Kathrin,
    Vielen vielen Dank für deinen Kommentar. Ich finde es tut so unendlich gut, verschieden Meinung zu lesen, daher vielen Dank für dein Input 🙂
    Ich kann dir auch echt nur 100% Recht geben, zu allem was du geschrieben hast. Ich finde auch, dass man eigentlich alles schaffen kann, wenn man ein Ziel vor Augen hat. Bei meinem Studium geht es mir bloß so, dass es weder ein besonders hilfreiches Studium ist oder mir viel Spaß macht. Ich bin im Moment echt am überlegen, vielleicht etwas zu machen, was etwas praktischer ist und mir auch mehr Spaß macht. Hoffentlich begebe ich mich da auf den richtigen Weg.
    Ganz liebe Grüße,

tabby 16. May 2017 Reply

In the exact same situation.
Moved to Australia and do not know how I could start hating Uni as much as I do atm.
Feel you.

    Janine Jahnke 17. May 2017 Reply

    We can do this! x

Ariel 2. December 2017 Reply

Jolie, I’m stuck in University and feeling the exact same way. I haven’t had the privelege to travel nearly as much as I’d like, but from what I have done, I know that I want more. I’m sitting in my classes looking up freelancing skills and travel destinations while those around me are desperately trying to memorize molecular geometries that they’ll just forget in a few weeks and never use again. Like you, I understand the privelege of getting to go to university, but I look around and I see people that are settling for what’s comfortable and mindlessly believing what they are told. I want to escape the 9-5 and be in control of my own schedule; this is a rather unpopular viewpoint in a college setting, and it’s very discouraging. It’s nice to hear that I’m not the only one struggling with these thoughts!

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