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Time flies + ICE Watch giveaway

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This year has just flown by- where has the time gone? In the past, I was never really able to relate to this phrase, which was frequently used by my parents and grandparents. When I was in school I used to think: Um no, I wish this year would go by even more quickly so that I can finally enjoy my summer holidays. It was only until after I graduated that I found myself thinking more and more often: “Where has the time gone?”

Anzeige// Collaboration with ICE Watch

Since this post is in collaboration with ICE watch, it is not only an opportunity for you to win one of their watches (see the end of the post for details) but also for me to reflect on the concept of time a bit.

This last year feels like it has just flown by. Wasn’t New Years just a few months ago? It seriously feels like 2017 was the shortest year of my life. Admittedly the feeling that time has just been running through my hands like sand, scares me. Before I know it, I will be 30 and the last years of my life will just be a blur of undefined moments.

I want to make every year, every month, every day and every moment count. I don’t want to wait to pursue my dreams. I don’t want to wake up with regret one day, wishing I had “lived” more. No. I want to enjoy these moments fully. I want to soak them up, be present and cherish them. I want to enjoy each moment consciously and not through a smartphone screen.

I want to create a life, where it doesn’t matter if time feels like it is flying by because I will be able to look back at all the experiences and happy memories this time has brought me.

This might sound harsh, but it is true: you don’t know when your time is running out, nor will you ever get another shot at this life you are currently experiencing. Make the minutes worth living and the days worth remembering.

Giveaway// You have the chance to win an ICE watch of your choice (excluding the city mirror collection).
All you have to do is comment below this blogpost what your most memorable moment of 2017 was (it doesn’t have to be anything crazy or big!). I will pick a winner on the 26th December.

Good luck!

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Winter magic in Kitzbühel

Breathtaking views in Cape Town

Urban vibes in Dubai





Sophie Mia frank 20. December 2017 Reply

My most memorable experience this past year of 2017 has been my move to Mexico. It was a huge transition and change for my family and I. We dropped everything overwhelmed with emotions letting go and just doing. We all could not be more grateful and happy to have moved. This change brought us closer and transformed our lives for the better. Also I just thought I would let you know how much I look up to you and how you inspire me so incredibly much. Please never stop sharing your journey you rock.

Yasmin 20. December 2017 Reply

My favorite moment will be when I am home for Christmas!

Ines 20. December 2017 Reply

Mein schönster Moment im Jahr 2017? Hm schwierig es gab soo viel, aber der erste der mir eingefallen ist, war als ich im Sommer endlich am Meer ankam. Ich liieebe das Meer und fühle mich dort immer am Wohlsten.

Amarens 20. December 2017 Reply

This year I did what I wanted. I moved to a different place, didnt know what to expect.
Also did a totally different study. I even enjoy it more than I thought. So thats my best thing about 2017, that I moved to the south of the Netherlands.

Gréta 20. December 2017 Reply

For me, the most memorable moment of 2017 was my birthday party organized by my boyfriend 🙂 It was amazing

Jenna Matthews 20. December 2017 Reply

I think my favourite moment was traveling abroad with my boyfriends family. It was so nice to spend time with them, as they live in Russia and we live in Canada. Even though myself and them don’t even speak the same language, I love spending time with them. I think it’s proof that there are no barriers in this world, love doesn’t know any borders, or differences in culture. Love is just love 🙂

Ines 20. December 2017 Reply

Mein liebster Moment in 2017? Hm schwierig es gab soo viele, aber der erste der mir eingefallen ist, war als ich im Sommer endlich am Meer war. Ich liebe das Meer und fühle mich immer am Wohlsten dort. 😍

Else 20. December 2017 Reply

My favorite moment of 2017 was when I found my passion for traveling and photography/cinematography

Pauline Bgff 20. December 2017 Reply

I had the opportunity this year to spend a semester abroad, in Singapore, which allowed me to travel around Asia and notably Bali! This was my favorite time of the year 😍 Btw I love Ice-Watch, especially since it is from Belgium, like me! 🇧🇪

Lena Henneken 20. December 2017 Reply

Mein erster Santorini-Besuch war mein Highlight 🙂

Marie Němcová 20. December 2017 Reply

I’m doing kaiaking for about eight years. I’m 17 years old and I’m from czech republic. This year I was in czech junior representation for the first time. And in the end of summer brake I also had one of places in senior representation. The world championships was in France. It was the biggest race in my live. I just did the best and now I am the world champion?? I have one gold and one bronze medal. And that was the best feeling to stand there in front of everyone and my trainers and television and than to came back to home and everyone was so happy. That was the best feeling ever. Love U. M ❤️

Alessia 20. December 2017 Reply

Spring in Beijing, me and my favorite broette are walking along this old red wall behind our University, there are flying poplar fluffs everywhere, never felt more alive. Definitely my favorite moment of 2017. Happy holidays;)

Hanna K. 20. December 2017 Reply

Passend zu deinem derzeitigen Aufenthaltsort war mein schönster Moment in 2017 als ich zum ersten Mal in meinem Leben Skifahren war. Wir hatten die ganze Woche super Wetter und ich werde nie vergessen, als ich mich im Lift umgedreht habe und die weiße Berglandschaft mit dem komplett blauen Himmel gesehen habe. Das war atemberaubend und ich war in diesem Moment einfach nur glücklich.❤❤
Ganz ganz schöne Weihnachten🎄
P.S. In drei Wochen geht es wieder zum Skifahren😍😇😍

Stephanie Wolfe 20. December 2017 Reply

My favorite moment of 2017 was getting to go to Yosemite National Park for the first time! I love exploring and being out in nature and Yosemite was so beautiful and humbling. It was a great experience and I can’t wait to go back! Hopefully this time with an ICE watch as there is no service in our National parks so it would be nice to ditch my phone and just go in with a watch! 🙂 Anyways loved your post and all of your travels! Cheers!

Hannah 20. December 2017 Reply

Sehr schwere Frage? Viele wunderbare Momente aber Xmas Dinner mit meinen Freunden war definitiv eines der Highlights. 💕

Tanja 20. December 2017 Reply

The Most beautiful thing in 2017 was the ship cruise with my husband and our wonderful little daughter. She was 22 months! It was great, she loved it to be every day on another island!

Josefine 20. December 2017 Reply

Den einzigartigen Ausblick vom Rockefeller Center in New York.
Den ich diesen Sommer erleben durfte, bei meinem ersten großen Urlaub außerhalb von Europa..

Sophie 20. December 2017 Reply

Wahrscheinlich der Moment, in dem ich gemerkt habe, dass ich keine Person brauche, um glücklich zu sein, sondern mich selbst 💜

Eva 20. December 2017 Reply

Yeah, 2017 truly felt like the shortest year I ever experienced. I’ve had so many breathtaking adventures, but the best moment was beeing back in my favourite place on earth – south africa. We did a little trip over the border to swaziland and stayed as the only guests in a little mointain camp. During sunset we were sittng at the edge of the mountain just watching over the valley and there was nothing, just pure landscape 😍

Marta 20. December 2017 Reply

My best memory of 2017 is not anything huge or crazy. I threw a surprise birthday party for my best friend. It was a lot of planning and organizing, but it worked out even better than I planned! It was an amazing night and it was so great to see how happy he was and to enjoy the time with friends. It makes me happy to look back on that night, and I’m very glad I was able to do that for him 🙂

Meike 20. December 2017 Reply

My favorite moment of 2017 was surprising my boyfriend after my semester abroad in Bangkok.
He had no idea that I was already back in Germany and I just got in the same train he was sitting in. He was starring at me for 30 seconds after realizing that it was really me 😉

Thalia 20. December 2017 Reply

In May 2017, everything was settled. I was about to become a new associate in a fancy law firm. In two days, however, everything changed. My most memorable moment is the day I met this mexican national sentenced to death in Ohio. As a pro bono student, I met him and talked about his life, his case but also the coming death he will have to face.
He was only 18 when he was sentenced to death for a crime he committed for love. Naturally any crime deserves to be punished, but the fact that this 42 year old man has never seen the outside world, travelled or even feel the grass in 27 years made me think. When I left death row, I turned down the big law offer and decided to work for an Innocence Project. Even though I struggle financially, I’m grateful for this moment which reminded that giving was more important than receiving.
Freedom and love should be enjoyed every seconds of every minutes.

Thank you for inspiring us and sharing your love and freedom. Happy holidays ❤️

    Janine Jahnke 5. January 2018 Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story. I got goosebumps reading it and I feel deeply inspired. It is so beautiful to read that you followed your heart instead of relying on financial security. I wish you lots of love, success and happiness 🙂 x

Casey Nel 20. December 2017 Reply

My favourite moment is when my fiancé proposed to me in front on the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Next year we will be getting married in my beautiful hone country South Africa.

lisazxo 20. December 2017 Reply

Die Zeit und die Erinnerungen, die ich dieses Jahr zusammen mit meiner Schwester verbracht und erlebt habe, waren eindeutig die schönsten Momente des Jahres! 💗 lots of love, Lisa

Lotte 20. December 2017 Reply

My most memorable moment of 2017… there are so many, from spending time with friends and family to just quality time alone. However, the moments that standout most for me is spending time by the beach during the summer, whether it be relaxing my mind while watching the tanquil ocean waves and breathing warm the summer air mixed with the salty breeze that the ocean brings, to spending time with friends and family, these moments by the beach just always stick out and are certainly the most memorable of 2017.

Clarissa A. 20. December 2017 Reply

During the summer I went to Sardinia in Italy. I made a road trip with a scooter along the coast. I visited many beaches and towns, it was wonderful. The food was delicious and the sea was really beautiful, clean and with lots of fish. For sure this was one of my favourite week in 2017

Cassandre Mercier 21. December 2017 Reply

I spent 2017 abroad and I lived amazing adventures around Europe but the best moment of the year was when I got back home to my family. 💗

Valerie 21. December 2017 Reply

My favorit moment this year and at the same time my favorite moment ever was last month, when I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl and she grabbed my finger immediately and didn’t let go. ♥️

Rachel 21. December 2017 Reply

My favourite moment from 2017 was welcoming our little girl into the world in June. It’s been a crazy year growing and learning how to be a mom. It’s been so hard with long nights and tiring days but so so worth it! Having her makes me really want to live each day as full as I can, I don’t want to be stuck looking at a screen all day while my time, and the beginning of her life, passes by!

Ashley 21. December 2017 Reply

My son was baptized this summer. Proud Mom moment for sure.

Jessica 21. December 2017 Reply

Mein schönster Moment 2017 war, als ich mit meiner Oma und meiner Mama nach Ägypten geflogen bin und endlich nochmal Zeit mit meiner Familie verbringen konnte, da ich aus beruflichen Gründen über 800 km von Ihnen getrennt bin. ♥️

Silke 21. December 2017 Reply

My most memorable moment in 2017 was when I was in Cape Town to do my internship. I always had the dream to go abroad for a while and Cape Town was also one of my biggest dreams. When I climbed up to Lion’s Head to watch the sunset something really memorable happened. The whole sky was completely pink and so beautiful and of course I saw the whole city and ocean which was amazing. I really felt how magical and amazing Cape Town was and I suddenly felt that a lot of pieces came together. For a long time I didn’t know what I exactly wanted to do, what was really the thing that made me happy, and to which place I belonged. But at that magical moment I had a lot of insights. I realized that I felt so happy in that city and country, and that the most simple things could make me the happiest girl alive (just watching the sunset). It really made me realize to actually live in the moment and enjoy it to the fullest. I also felt that I found a place that I really belong to, Cape Town was just so amazing. I was definitely at the right place. Unfortunately, as you described, time flies and my time in Cape Town is already over for 3 months, but I’ll definitely go back!

    Janine Jahnke 5. January 2018 Reply

    Hey Silke 🙂 Congratulations- you won! Please send me an email to with your name + address + watch choice to claim your price. Lots of love, Janine

Erika 21. December 2017 Reply

This year was very memorable for me. I got to travel after a long time, i graduated university, started with a new hobby etc. But i don’t take these things as the most memorable things. I think the most important is that this year i started to communicate again with my best friend (our ,,relationship” broke/ended a few years ago and this summer we randomly met her with my other best friend..and now we’re just hanging out and laughing a lot together..just like on the old days, nothing has changed..only the fact that we are a bit older and smarter now :D). Overall..this year reminded me that making good memories is the most important thing in life ☺

Charlotte Scharpe 21. December 2017 Reply

There were loads of memorabele moments of course; good AND bad ones. But the one that will stay with me forever is the following:

Two years ago I moved to Hong Kong. This means that I was thrown in a completely new environment and I had to adapt really quickly in order to make new friends. I must confess that those were tough times for me and my family..

In June 2017, I graduated and had the chance to look back on my adventures and experiences in Hong Kong. I realised how much I had changed, how many new things I had tried, how many different people I had met and how lucky I was to be able to travel to 10 different countries. And that only in two years..

My graduation was therefore an unforgettable moment, since I was all dressed up (which is always fun to do) and I was able to celebrate this day with people which I thought would never mean much to me, but ended up being my most valued friends.

So yes.. cheers to a 2017 full of realisations and adventures xxx

Sarah Tobias 21. December 2017 Reply

When I finally graduated and got my Bachelors degree!That was such a relief!!!

Dani Popova 21. December 2017 Reply

When I realized that my favorite color would the 2017’s Color Of The Year.
Odds were in my favor.

Amber van der Weijden 21. December 2017 Reply

The best memory of 2017 is the moment I decided that if I want to go somewhere or want to do something I do everything to make it happen. Which led me to the most amazing summer holiday in Marrakech together with my sister, we had te best time and saw the most beautiful places! We were close since we were young, but after this holiday we are the closest ever and determined to travel to the furthest countries for the best adventures. And in these moments I feel so blessed with a sister like her 💕✨

Lena 21. December 2017 Reply

Wunderschöne Fotos und wie immer toll geschrieben ! Mein schönster Moment dieses Jahr war mein Urlaub auf Hawaii<3 die Insel ist einfach ein Traum und der ganze Aufenthalt hat mich grundlegend verändert und mich wachsen lasssen!

Ich hoffe du verbringst schöne Freitage mit deinen liebsten !

Liebe Grüße

Paola 23. December 2017 Reply

My favourite moment was … you know what I achieve 1 very difficult thing that I have been working on for years and I am about to get my driving license, and my mam is coming for holidays, when I write this post, I told I must have lots of fav moments but I realise that I don’t really, I have no a single one, this year is been a hard one, and I just on the proces ti see my hard work show up, but this post motivate me to have lost of favourites moments from now, and live life at full I want to have a favourite moment every day. Thank you !!! #icewatch

Andrea Maria 24. December 2017 Reply

My most memorable moment was that after two years of having a bad time and making the wrong decisions that didn’t made me happy, I finally got the opportunity to start my degree on my dream career, this was such a great moment because I got to meet a lot of different people, I will have the opportunity to travel which is another dream of mine. I finally feel like I’m going on the right path and I don’t feel ashamed of what I’m doing because right now this is my perfect timing, as you said on your previous post: “age should never define your choices and achievements”. 😊

Ines 25. December 2017 Reply

Ein Highlight 2017 war auf jeden Fall im Sommer das Festival auf dem ich war. Und damit verbund den Hollandurlaub den ich gemacht habe, der noch um Einiges schöner war als erwartet😍❣

Amy Antonini 26. December 2017 Reply

Hiking in Utah at the coral pink sand dunes in a wind storm was my most memorable event in 2017.

tatum truter 26. December 2017 Reply


Tanja 26. December 2017 Reply

Mein Highlight 2017 war der Heiratsantrag meines Freundes in Venedig weil ich einfach gar nicht damit gerechnet habe. Vor einigen Tagen haben wir nun die Zusage für eine wunderschöne Hochzeitslocation in Südafrika bekommen ❤️

Simone 26. December 2017 Reply

Mein schönster Moment war ganze 4 Wochen lang, als ich im Sommer nach Vietnam geflogen bin und meine ganze Familie nach so langer Zeit wieder gesehen habe 😍❤️

Candice bacon 26. December 2017 Reply

My most memorable momrnt was finally traveling to a country on my own continent:)

Veronika 26. December 2017 Reply

It Is really difficult to choose only one memorable moment. But if it should be the first one that came on my mind as I read this, it would be the moment back in August when I, after long three weeks of not seeing each other, travel to airport in our capital to finally se my boyfriend who was coming back home from another country.

Stephanie 26. December 2017 Reply

Mein “most memorable moment of 2017” war definitiv mein Umzug nach Landshut wegen meines Studiums. Ich bin kein großer Fan von meiner kleinen Heimatstadt und Landshut hat mir dies auch immer weiter bewiesen. Ich hab so tolle neue enge Freundschaften geschlossen, die mir so viel Kraft in meinem Leben geben! Ich könnte wirklich heulen vor Glücksgefühlen!

Loele 26. December 2017 Reply

My most memorable moment was when my best friend became mother of a very sweet boy 🙂 It is very emotional to see your friend in her new responsible role! 🙂

Mathilde 26. December 2017 Reply

My best moment this year was in june. I am nineteen but for the first time of my life i took a plane, i was feeling like i was finally discovering the world to see all the fabulous things around me. It was more or less the first time I was leaving my country and it was impressive, going into this plane was like swimming into the adventure.

Anna Listmeier 26. December 2017 Reply

The most awesome moment of mine in 2017 was for sure my personal growth. I feel Like 2017 showed me a lot of new perspectives and ideas what i want to do with my life. And i am thankful for that.

Marie 26. December 2017 Reply

My most memorable moment was when I spent my vacation in Dubai. That kinda changed my whole future plans for me. After spending three weeks in Dubai I decided to move to Dubai. And now end of 2017 my plans are nearly perfected. In Spring 2018 I will go there and and start my life there. And it all started with my summer vacation in Dubai, with these, for me most memorable amazing three weeks. Lots of Love. Marie xx

Yannah Koudstaal 26. December 2017 Reply

My most memorable moment of 2017 was when I went to Albania, I went there with an organisation to help the people and children there who have nothing. We played with the children and visited people to encourage them. It’s was heartwarming and I have learned so much that week! Even though it was just one week, I felt I could really make a diffenrence in the life’s of this people. And it changed my life too.

Szandi Miknyoczki 26. December 2017 Reply

My best moment was when we finally achieved a dream trip to Indonesia with my boyfriend. It did a huge impression on us, after that we both quit our jobs at home and started to follow our real dreams and put much effort and risk to live our lifes without living up others expectations.

Kelsey Dickson 26. December 2017 Reply

☄🌷My most memorable moment of 2017 was when i got the chance to become a prefect in my matric final school year. For some this may not seem to be much but for me it gave me so much more than a just a badge on my blazer; i grew in confidence, learnt to to stand up for myself when i realised i needed to stand up for others too! 🌱I grew as a person in so many ways i thought wasn’t even possible. I realised that the most important reminder of this year for me has been to appreciate those who appreciate you!! I felt such worth and a sense of belonging in my school of 100s of students and me being one of just 21 chosen prefects. I will always be grateful for this little achievement and hope to use all the knowledge and personality I’ve gained to radiate onto others and help all i cross paths with in the future to be the best version of themselves.🏅 I step into university this coming year (2018) and for someone who battles to adjust to change i feel surprisingly ready to take on the big world and share my creativity, love for art, good people and positivity. Xxx❤🦋

Marie 26. December 2017 Reply

All the small memories made while travelling.

Aurora De Marchi 26. December 2017 Reply

My 2017 has been a very particular one! between healthy problems, wonderful journeys, immense joys, the first loss of a loved one and school satisfaction, I don’t know what was the most memorable. I think it was the day before my 18th birthday.I was alone away from home, it was a swirl of emotions. I just wanted to be home with my boyfriend and pass with him that day haha. When I went home, some days later, my family and I have a great party and It was really wonderful. I hope to haven’t done much grammatical error.. being italian, I have to improve my English haha.
Have a nice holiday, Janine!

Amit 26. December 2017 Reply

My most memorable thing that happened to me this year is the moment when i met my boyfriend in February. The love of my life. This was the best year I’ve had so far ♥️

Justina 26. December 2017 Reply

The best memory from 2017 was when me and my friend decided to find a work for summer near the sea. And so we did that and that time spent near the sea every day, with good company was amazing. This time was full of adventures and great memories💕

Emma 26. December 2017 Reply

My most memorable moment would be the day I started Crossfit. I was so nervous to try it but now it feels like my second home. I have fallen in love with this sport and it has made me a stronger person, both mentally and physically.

Gizem 26. December 2017 Reply

My favourite moment in 2017 happened quite recently! I got the news that I was admitted to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)’s highly selective summer camp: RSI!

Mirlay v Wenzel 26. December 2017 Reply

Mein schönster Moment war dieses Jahr das Wiedersehen mit Freunden und natürlich meiner Familie nach einem Auslandsjahr! ❣️🌎

Daniela Caetano 26. December 2017 Reply

My most memorable moment was a spontaneous solo hike up Lion’s Head after work on a Friday to dodge traffic. Simple, I know. But it started raining heavily when I was about 10 min from the top. I decided to keep going, I had already come so far, would be a waste to turn back. As I climbed, a long line of people were shuffling their way down from the top hoping to get down before the rain got too heavy. All looked at me still on my way up as if I was crazy. I eventually got to the top in the pouring rain and suddenly it just stopped. I was completely alone on top and the clouds opened up to let through the most beautiful sunset. Despite being alone, it was absolutely magical, complete bliss. It taught me a valuable lesson – to never give up even when the crowd is doing the opposite. Keep going because you never know what is waiting for you ✨

Hadewig Goossenaerts 26. December 2017 Reply

My most memorable moment of 2017 was the most amazing trip to London I had with my mother. We really needed it and got the chance to rebond. It was very good for us to do this!

Natali 26. December 2017 Reply

Graduating high school with my best friends. Departing in very different journeys was really tough but I learned to enjoy and embrace the moment and love who is around.

Linus 26. December 2017 Reply

Definitely ZA! Seriously!

Naomi 26. December 2017 Reply

As I live far from my family, my best moment was when I surprised my dad by coming home and organized him a surprise birtday party.

I also went on a roadtrip with my boyfriend, and it was one of our best trips ever.

Maria 26. December 2017 Reply

One of my most memorable experiences has been to be a part of a Global Issues Network conference in the city of Panama, hosting Southamerican countries and the US. In this conference I got to be with hundreds of people that share the same passion as me: recognizing problems worldwide and doing something about it. Not only was it an intense learning environment, it was inspiring to see that amount of people doing huge projects to save a part of their community, country, or the world.

Angelique 26. December 2017 Reply

My most memorable moment definitely will be moving to a new house, because I used to live in old one, and the moving out process lasted two weeks, if was very funny and also hard but we all laughed at the end because we haven’t sleep that well for two weeks and we were so exhausted. It came up very nice and I am very thankful to god.

Matilde 26. December 2017 Reply

I think that if you try to enjoy every moment once you look back you’ll have a lot of great things to remember. But graduating from collage and finding a job were the highlights of my year.

Maylin 26. December 2017 Reply

I am in love with 2017 because I found my big love. It feels like „home“!

My most memorable moment of 2017 was visiting Romania and seeing my friends and grandparents while exploring the country. I will never forget climbing a 2,000m mountain with my 72 year old grandparents !! It seems that time did not age them much, and that’s how I wish to be when I am their age. Happy Holidays!

My most memorable moment of 2017 is definitely visiting my home country – Romania – and seeing my childhood friends and grandparents while exploring this beautiful country. I will never forget climbing a 2,000m mountain with my 72 year old grandparents !! It seems that time did not age them much, and that’s how I wish to be when I am their age. Happy Holidays!

Isabelle 26. December 2017 Reply

As I’ve been traveling a lot this year, it’s hard to choose the most memorable moment of 2017. But there is that one special memory that always reminds me to be thankful and live the life I want to. It was in may this year on a little island in the Philippines, when that six year old local girl called Yahzee came up to me to play. We swam in the sea and talked a lot about her and her family. They’re living in a hut on the island with almost nothing, but I haven’t met a person who seemed to be happier. Even though I am back in Munich now and about to start my next adventure through South Africa I think of her a lot. I realized that the most simple things could make me the happiest person alive. It really made me live in the moment and enjoy it to the fullest, as time is flying by when you actually LIVE your life.

Darvas Zsanett 26. December 2017 Reply

In 2017 I had a cross country race at Sweeden. There was so beautiful , I never been knowing those kind people like there . The flight was also admirable , I hope, I will visit again Sweeden in the future. ✨😊

Hanna 26. December 2017 Reply

Mein schönster Moment dieses Jahr war, als ich mit meiner mama in Holland am Strand gessesen bin und wir einen tee getrunken, einen Pancake gegessen und geplaudert haben😊

LG Hanna

Rebeca 26. December 2017 Reply

2017 was the best year of my life, for sure. I started university (journalism) and I couldn’t love it more plus I had the opportunity to realize other dreams like going to a John Mayer concert 🙌 and travelling alone to a foreign country (I’m currently in Canada). But just like you said, this year flew and time seems to be getting smaller each day, that feeling is frightening! Hope 2018 is going to be even better for all of us!

Loredana 26. December 2017 Reply

My favorite moment of 2017 has been the moment I handed in my Bachelor’s Thesis and finished one of the greatest chapters of my life with that. Handing in that thesis was an emotional moment because it was the culmination of 3 years if friends, exceptional experiences, fun, but also stress and mastered challenges. It was an extremely proud moment for me, and being able to celebrate that moment with my friends and family who have always supported me made this the most special moment of 2017 – one that I will never forget. Time really did fly by those 3 years, and yet I feel like I can remember every single day of that journey

Nicol 26. December 2017 Reply

When I was in London this December with my beloved ones!💜

Antonia 26. December 2017 Reply

Mein tollster Moment in 2017 war ein ganzer Zeitraum, nämlich mein Auslandssemester in Frankreich 🇫🇷 😍 ich habe mich so wohl dort gefühlt und gelernt, dass das Leben so schön sein kann, wenn man es langsam und genussvoll lebt. Mein absolutes Highlight war der Besuch von Mont Saint Michel, dieser Ort war einfach magisch und hat mich so in den sbahn gezogen. 😍

Alisa 26. December 2017 Reply

My favorite moment 2017 was when I surprised my family for Christmas after a long time without seeing. No one could believe that I’m actually back. My mum was freaking out and sososo happy 😍
Fyi: I lived my dream and moved for one year to America. It was super hard at the beginning. To get out of your comfort zone, speak another language as you‘re used to and talk to strangers who became friends after a time. Miss my time in the US a lot!

Carolina R 26. December 2017 Reply

My most memorable memory of 2017 was finding that I have true friends who support me and are always with me (a thing that I didn’t had in the past years). One memory that I just remembered:
It was raining a lot (like really a lot) and we (my friend Lucas, his girlfriend Ro and I) were walking from the uni to the bus stop. I didn’t had an umbrella but they did so they made some kind of bridge from umbrellas so I could walk in the middle of them. Their bus stop was first than mine so I left them behind and run to mine under the diluvium without an umbrella, when I make it to my bus stop I look behind and my friend Lucas was running with the 2 umbrellas (his and the pink one from his girlfriend) to give one to me because Ro was already in her bus and didn’t need it anymore. He had to “deviate” his road and she had to borrow me her umbrella just to give it to me.
It’s a little thing but just to tell that little story makes me really happy, to look back at this year and look back at that ❤❤❤gesture.

Greatings from Argentina!

Vivien Stühmer 26. December 2017 Reply

Ich muss sagen, es fällt mir sehr schwer meinen schönsten Moment des Jahres 2017 auszuwählen. Ich hatte so viele schöne Momente und möchte keinen davon missen! Angefangen hat es mit dem Auszug aus meinen Elternhaus, traurig und schön zugleich. Ebenso schön war das Gefühl endlich meine Bachelor Urkunde in den Händen halten zu und mit meinen Kommilitonen feiern zu können. 2017 habe ich auch meinen Freund kennengelernt und bin mit ihm Anfang November in meine erste gemeinsame Wohnung gezogen. Und nun sind die schönen Feiertage vorbei, die ebenfalls echt wunderbar waren, denn Zeit mit der Familie ist unendlich schön und kostbar!

Ich hoffe du hattest ein schönes Weihnachtsfest🎄❤️

Geria Verdonschot 26. December 2017 Reply

Merry Xmas 🎄
The moment that is most memorable for me is the summer holiday. It was the first holiday alone with my 3 children and although we went only to Hoek van Holland of felt as I travelled the world.

Hannah 26. December 2017 Reply

My favourite moment was finally seeing my boyfriend again for my birthday weekend after 3 months apart 🤗♥️

Patricia Cámara 26. December 2017 Reply

When after all the extra hours and effort working for free I got a scholarship for doing the phD in an important oncology research group of breast cancer. It was the best moment of this year for sure,

Carly 27. December 2017 Reply

I moved to California October of 2016. I absolutely loved everything about it, besides the fact that my family was all back in Michigan. I had the realization that life is short and time is definitely flying the older I get. I enjoyed California, the outdoor life, the adventure, and the perfect weather. I never imagined moving back home, but I did. I have been back in Michigan 3 months now and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. I’m making new adventures here, trying my best to enjoy the cold weather ;), and enjoying every second I can with my family. Moving back home was definitely the highlight for my 2017!

Leni Watson 27. December 2017 Reply

My best part of 2017 was my trip to Italy with my amazing family! We went all through Italy and it was absolutely beautiful and breath taking, we also went to England to see my other half of the family. I have the most amazing auntie who’s facial expression are so funny are hilarious uncle, a cousin that’s really fun to play with and my other cousin Nathan who is so so sweet. When we got to London we stayed in a gorgeous air bnb house, it was quite lovely to be honest and we went around London. In Italy we went to Rome, Naples, Positano, sycily ( not to sure if I spelt them right ) Rome had wonderful old history, Naples had the best pizza in the world we went to were it first made pizza and I’m telling you I’m not a fan of pizza but it was amazing. Then to Positano we’re we went to the beach every day and sycily was just an all rounder it was so magical I definitely will go back there when I’m older but my fav about this whole trip was seeing family and the people! Xx 🍉

Jess 27. December 2017 Reply

Aside from having the opportunity to travel to Bali and see such another beautiful part of the world that we live in, my favourite moment of the world is taking the time to curl up on my couch to read and to take the time to dig deep to really figure out what I need/want in my life and how to make magic happen next year.

kvkskumar 27. December 2017 Reply

My most memorable incident was my sister’s marriage.

Kimberly 28. December 2017 Reply

Hallo Janine 🙂
Du beschreibst so gut, wie es sich anfühlt, dass die Zeit so schnell vergeht.
Ich kann es auch kaum glauben, dass wieder 1 Jahr rum ist.
Das letzte Silvester fühlt sich echt wie gestern an!
Bei der Gelegenheit wollte ich dir auch einmal sagen, dass ich dir nun schon länger auf Instagram folge, aber vor ein paar Tagen zum ersten Mal auf deinem Blog gelandet bin.
Und ich bin absolut verliebt! Deine Fotos sind einfach toll und deine Beiträge so echt.
Ich finde es schön, dass du so viel auch von deinen eigenen Gedanken (und nicht nur die absolut positiven) preisgibst, das macht dich sehr sympathisch!
Ich baue mir zurzeit selber grade meinen Blog und Instagram auf, bin aber immer total kritisch was das Design usw. eingeht, vor allem bei Instagram!
Es wäre toll, wenn du vielleicht nochmal einen Post dazu verfassen könntest, wie du dein Instagram Profil so schön bekommen hast 🙂 (der letzte Post ist ja schon etwas älter).
Liebe Grüße und einen guten Rutsch <3

June 24. December 2018 Reply

I think if you look back and try to enjoy every moment, you will have a lot to remember. For example, this year’s unforgettable graduation trip, and the separation of friends, from a city that has loved for four years left.
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