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Let’s be real: travelling is not cheap. So it is very understandable that I get asked the following question a lot: “How can you afford to travel so much?” Therefore I decided to write a post about this subject and give you guys my top tips on how to safe money whilst travelling.

How I afford my travels
The main reason that I have been travelling a lot over the last 8 months is that I graduated from an International School in May and I have decided to take a Gap Year dedicated to exploring different countries.  All my trips so far have been relatively short, the longest being my current stay in Cape Town (around 6 weeks) and my trip to Thailand (4 weeks) thus I always returned to Munich in between travelling to work and earn money for future globetrotting.  In Munich I earned my money with small modelling jobs, which pay pretty well. Additionally I also sometimes worked as a hostess on an international trade fair her in Munich.  These two jobs and the money that I had previously saved from birthdays or my graduation enabled me to go travelling.  However, I am also in the extremely lucky position that I don’t really have to worry about flight tickets, as my dad is a Pilot and I am therefore able to get cheaper tickets as a family member.
How to safe money whilst travelling
During my last trips I have discovered some useful tricks on how to safe some money here and there:
1) Compare flights & hotels online beforehand. This is crucial to find the cheapest deal. I have done this a lot with hotels/hostels recently and it really does make a difference!

2) Avoid eating out.  When travelling food makes up a huge part of the money you spend, therefore I try to avoid eating out. Buy food at the supermarket and if you have access to a kitchen cook your meals yourself. Otherwise go for food that doesn’t need to be cooked such as fruit, salads or bread.

3) Use a Credit card if possible. When you draw money from you bank abroad you often have to pay a transaction fee, therefore I recommend paying by card whenever possible or drawing enough money for a long timer period so that the transaction fees don’t add up.

4) Avoid touristy spots. This might seem like an obvious one, but one easily gets tempted to spend money on tourist attractions that are not really worth it. Always consider: do you really want to pay money to go up to the Eiffel Tower or are you happy with the view from below? The same tip goes for eating out- touristy areas are often full of overpriced restaurants, so my advice is to ask some locals for good spots to eat.

5) Use public transport as much as possible. Taking taxis is a huge money drain. So whenever you are in a city with a good public transport network, such as Barcelona, Paris, Singapore etc. always try and use public transport. Even here in Cape Town were the public transport is pretty bad, I try to catch a bus as often as possible!

I hope you found this post helpful- happy travelling!


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