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Cape Town Hikes with my Aevor Backpack

From Bali to Athens over to Dubai and Cape Town: I have been travelling around a lot in the last couple of months, which has truly made me appreciate good backpacks. Whenever I am...
Chapman's Peak Drive Cape Town roadtrip
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Cape Town Travel Tips: cheap accommodation & how to get around

You probably won’t be surprised if I tell you that Cape Town is one of my all time favourite travel destinations. Since I have been getting a lot of questions about where we stayed...
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Cape Town Sightseeing

Call me a tourist, but I love doing those typical hop-on, hop-off sightseeing tours. Whether it was in London, Barcelona or here in Cape Town- I really enjoy just sitting in one of those...
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Back in Cape Town- again?

Hey guys, long time no update. I am actually sick in bed right now – not in my own bed though, because I am back in Cape Town since Friday. Cape Town again? Yes,...
Glitter in BoKaap
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Glitter in Bo Kaap

I am back baby! Words can’t describe how excited I was to return to one of my favourite places on the planet: Cape Town. I am not sure what exactly it is- the uber...
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As I am writing this I am currently 37 000 feet above the ground somewhere above Bulgaria. In approximately 8 hours I will reach my destination: Bangkok. This is the third time within a...
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Baby blue

Not knowing where life will take you next can be scary and exciting at the same time. I have no clue where I will be in a year from now, let alone next month....
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Cape Town travel moments #2

My adventure in Cape Town was the longest one of my gap year so far, no wonder I have lots and lots of pictures from the trip! Cape Town is one of a kind:...
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Cape Town Travel Moments #1

So far most of my posts from South Africa have been outfit related, so it is about time that I share some of my favourite travel moments with you! Here are six highlights of...