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Follow me around- a day in Capetown

On Thursday I filmed a little “follow me around” video for you guys, to give you an impression of what a day here in Capetown looks like for me. I have been experimentng a...
travel / capetown

Boulders beach & penguins

Hi everyone! If you follow me on instagram, you probably already now that I am currently in Cape Town in South Africa. I had initially planned on going to Martinique for two weeks to...

My 2014

Wow this year has truely been amazing. I don’t think there has been another year in my life which has been filled with as much change, self-discovery, stress and adventures as 2014.
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Hello Lovelies! I am currently on stay in Barcelona for modelling. I arrived 5 days ago and I am planning to stay another 9 days. I am living in a model apartment with another male...
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Swimsuit time

Hey babes! This morning I arrived back in Munich. I really enjoyed my time in Crete, but I am also happy to be home again. Here is swimsuit I wore to the beach the...
travel / crete

Beach day

There is nothing I love more than waking up in the morning, looking outside the window and seeing that the sun is shining. This morning I was even happier about it than usually, because...


Hello babes! As you may or may not now, I am currently doing a Gap year to figure out where and what I want to study. The university advisor at my old school recommended...
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China & Bangkok

Hello Lovelies! Those of you who are following me on Instagram probably know that I was in China and Bangkok very recently.  The reason for that being was that my mom asked me if...