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Vegan Restaurants you MUST visit in London

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Here are some Vegan Restaurants in London, that you MUST visit when you are in the city:

Mildreds is a vegetarian and vegan
restaurant located in Soho. It is usually super full in the evenings, so you
either have to go there early (around 5 or 6 pm) or you will probably have to
wait around an hour, as they don’t take reservations. The waiting time really
isn’t that bad though, because 1) it gets you excited for the food and 2) the
waiting area is a bar so you can have a cocktail or a freshly squeezed organic
juice whilst waiting and soaking up the London vibes.
What to get: The Polish Vegan Burger with
sweet potato fries! Omg this burger is sooo delicious, you have to try it! And
the sweet potato fries are really softly baked- just the way I like them. The
other two times I was there I also had the vegan sweet potato curry, which war
also delicious, though a little spicy and the pumpkin salad.  I wouldn’t really recommend getting a salad
there though, because the other dishes are just way better!
Price: Main courses are around 9-12 pounds.
They offer free drinking water.
Location: 45 lexington street, w1f 9an london
Burger Foodporn at Mildreds

Vantra Vitao
This was actually the first vegan
restaurant I ever went to in London. It is super focused on being the “healthiest”
vegan place around. Everything they offer is vegan, organic and you can even
order dishes without oil!
They have both: a buffet (for which you pay
per gram) and and à la Carte Menu consisting of mainly raw vegan dishes.
What to get: This place has the best raw
vegan, sugar free deserts! If you go there make sure you leave enough space in
your tummy for those guilt-free, vegan sweets. The first time I went there I
actually left with another two cupcakes for the way home- that’s how yummy they
If you decided to order from the à la Carte Menu, you should try the jdsfhl.
Price: If you are getting a moderate
portion from the buffet you can expect to pay around 10 pounds. Meals on the
menu are around 12-14 pounds.
Location: 25-27 Oxford Street London W1D
Cook Daily
One day after a Casting in Shoreditch I was super hungry, so I went onto to search for vegan places nearby and I found this fast pace vegan restaurant, which is located inside a boxpark. Shoreditch is such an awesome area, so you should definitely check it out and stop by here for lunch.
What to get: I had the sweet potato curry bowl. Very delicious!
Price: I got the curry together with a banana smoothie for a special lunch price of 10 pounds
Location: 2-10 Bethnal Green Rd, London E1 6GY
Looks messy, but tastes delicious: sweet potato curry
Veggie Vegan
One of my lovely Instagram followers
actually recommended this place to me, so I just had to give it a try. For
lunch they offer an “all you can eat” buffet and for dinner they have an à la
Carte Menu.  As I went there for lunch, I
got to taste all the different foods from the buffet. I really liked that they
had both: a salad buffet and a buffet with warm meals.

What to get:
My favourite dish was definitely the spinach, pea & avocado
salad from the salad buffet- such a good combination.
Price: The all you can eat buffet is only
10 pounds. Most main courses on the dinner menu are around 11 pounds.
Location: 222 North End Road, West
Kensington, London W14 9NU


Tibits is located on Regent Street between
Oxford and Piccadilly Circus, making it the ideal lunch stop in between
shopping. This vegetarian and vegan place also works with the buffet concept.
Pick you favourite dishes, put them on you plate and pay per gram.
What to get: When I went there for lunch I
basically put a little bit of everything to try on my plate.
Price: For Lunch you pay £1.95 per 100g and for dinner: £2.15 per 100g. The price per 100g is comparably expensive, so
make sure to remember that when you pile the food onto your plate.
Location: 12-14 Heddon Street,
London W1
The buffet at Tibits
Whole Foods
DESCRIBE MY LOVE FOR YOU??? Ok enough cabs lock- you get the idea: I love whole
foods. For those of you who have not yet hear of this magical place, it is a
huge supermarket with all kinds of healthy foods, freshly cut fruit, vegan yums
and ready prepared meals. I used to go there a lot for lunch as they have a hot
and cold buffet bar, for which you pay per gramm and it always ended up being
quite a cheap lunch option.
What to get: The Vegan Sushi. In Munich the
only vegan sushi option one can get are plain, boring avocado or cucumber
rolls. Not in whole foods! They have a lot of vegan sushi options; you can even
get yourself vegan quinoa sushi! Apart from the Sushi I also really liked
getting myself delicious salad creations from the cold bar. My favourite ones
were the “Moroccan spiced couscous salad” and the “sweet potato bean salad”. I
have spent countless hours wandering the aisles of whole foods in awe of all
the amazing creations they sell. YOU HAVE TO GO THERE AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!
Price: For 8 big pieces of the avocado,
cucumber inside out roll you pay 6 pounds and for a moderately sized portion
from the cold bar you pay around 7 pounds.
Location: There are a couple of Whole Foods
around London. Most of the time I went to the one at Picadilly Circus (20 Glasshouse St,
London W1B 5AR). The one at High Street Kensington is also huge though! (63-97
Barkers Building, Kensington High St, London, LND W8 5SE)
Fruit paradise in the centre of London
Good Life Eatery:
This place is located a 10 minute walk from
the South Kensington metro station. It was actually so nice walking there,
because the neighbourhood of South Kensington is really fancy and you will find
yourself walking past some of the most exclusive stores (think Chanel). This
health restaurant isn’t all vegan, but they have lots of vegan options.
What to get: I went there twice and both
times I had the “Good Life salad”, which I can only recommend. It is a kale,
sweet potato salad with a deliciously creamy tahini vinaigrette topped with
gojii berries and walnuts.
Price: Main Courses are around 11-12
Location: 59 Sloane Ave, London SW3 3DH
The Good Life salad- yumm!
London is definately a vegan food heaven, so make sure to try out one of these places when you visit the city!


Eva 18. October 2015 Reply

Next time you're in London you can also check out "The grain shop" at portobello market, it's vegetarian but has a lot of vegan options, and you basically buy a box for either 5 or 6 pounds and they fill it up for you with basically anything that they have!! It's amazing and they always have such good flavours etc 🙂

    Janine Jahnke 19. October 2015 Reply

    Thank you so much for the tip! I will check it out next time I am in London for sure. Ah, I already miss that city so much!! <3

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