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Verona, Italy

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Italy is one of my favourite place to be during summer in Europe. Last week we left Munich to drive to the land of pizza & pasta. Our first destination: Verona.

Stop on the way: Eibsee

On our way to Verona we stopped at the Eibsee in Germany. This lake is absolutely beautiful and I would love to go back there for a full day or even a weekend trip. As you will be able to see from Alex’s drone shots, the Eibsee looks amazing from above, even a little bit like the Maldives :-P.  We went for a  refreshing swim in the cool water and had a little snack by the Biergarten, before continuing our drive to Verona.


Eibsee germany

Eibsee germany from above drone shot

Eibsee germany drone aerial view
Alex’s drone shots of the Eibsee


Where we stayed in Verona

When we arrived in Verona we went straight to our accommodation to shower and freshen up before dinner.  To be honest, finding a cheap place to stay during the popular summer months isn’t easy anywhere in Italy. We started off looking on AirBnB, but most places were simply overpriced.  I ended up finding a small apartment called Filippini Apartments where we booked a quadruple room and only payed 33€ per person per night. Even though the apartment was relatively small, it was very clean and modern and only 7 minutes by foot from the Arena di  Verona. The staff at the reception was super friendly and helpful, which was also a big plus.


verona italy travel blog
Streets of Verona

verona italy travel blog jolie janine

verona italy travel blog
Wearing a dress from Samsoe & Samsoe for dinner


Where/what we ate in Verona (Vegan)

Since Julia and I were travelling with Alex and one of his friends, who both aren’t vegan, we didn’t end up trying out a lot of vegan places in Verona. We did however have lunch at one vegan restaurant, called Ristorante Flora, where they had an extensive and very delicious buffet- highly recommended! Eating vegan in Italy actually isn’t too hard. Most of the time pizza and pasta are vegan, so if you get spaghetti with tomato sauce or a veggie pizza without cheese, you are good to go. My personal favourite thing to get are baked potatoes (they taste soo good in Italy!) together with grilled vegetable.


What we did in Verona

To be fair, we only stayed in Verona for two nights, so we didn’t get to see everything the city had to offer.

On our first night we had dinner at one of the restaurants by the Arena di Verona. I thought those restaurants would be a typical “tourist trap” but the one we ate at (I don’t remember the name unfortunately) was actually very good. Eating Italian food whilst overlooking the arena during the golden sunset hour: an unforgettable moment.

In my opinion the best way to see a city is by actually walking through it. Verona is the perfect example: you have to walk through the cute little streets with their iconic balconies to really soak up the vibe of the city.

If you want to go shopping, Verona is perfect. Along the Via Mazzini you will find many shops, including many exclusive brands such as Gucci and co., as well as more affordable options such as Zara or Bershka.

Verona is actually only a half an hour drive away from the Garda Lake. So on our first day there when the 39 degrees celsius made it impossible to stay in the city, we actually drove to Badolino at the lake for an afternoon swim.

My absolute highlight of our stay in Verona was watching the sunset from the Castel San Pietro, which lies on a hill overlooking the city. You can hike up there, or if you are a little lazy (like we were) you can take the Funicolare up.

Verona is such a beautiful city, so if you find yourself in Italy, you must definitely pay it a visit, walk through the romantic streets and eat gelato whilst looking at the arena at night.


arena di verona italy

arena di verona italy
Arena di Verona

aerial view verona drone

sunset verona
Watching the sunset over Verona from the Castel San Pietro



    Janine Jahnke 11. August 2017 Reply

    Thanks Ellie <3

Tim 11. August 2017 Reply

Looks like you had an awesome time in little Verona. But the pictures of the Eibsee were great too!
In September I will be next to Milano in a small town called Desio. It is unfar from Verona, so maybe I will give it a try after I saw some of your pics.

What is your next destination?

    Janine Jahnke 11. August 2017 Reply

    Thank you! Wow, that sounds amazing too. I am back in Germany for a view days and in September I will travel to Stockholm, Sweden- I am very excited already! x

      Tim 14. August 2017 Reply

      Sweden! How awesome, I was never there before. A few years back I was in Norway and it was very exciting there. I hope you will have a great time in Stockholm. I’m looking forward to your next story. This time, from Stockholm.

Pauline 12. August 2017 Reply

Verona ist so so schön! Ich war so lange nicht mehr dort und kann mich eigentlich gar nicht mehr richtig daran erinnert… deswegen sollte ich unbedingt mal wieder dort hin!
Der Eibsee sieht auch total traumhaft aus und du hast recht, von oben ist es wirklich ein wenig wie die Malediven mit dem hellen Wasser um die Inseln 😀 Nur die Nadelbäume passen nicht!

Liebe Grüße
Pauline <3

    Janine Jahnke 14. August 2017 Reply

    Hahha da hast du Recht- am besten sollte man die mit Palmen austauschen 🙂 <3

Rebecca 13. August 2017 Reply

Was für eine schöne Start und eine schöne Reise. Der Eibsee ist wirklich super schön und immer eine Reise wert!
Habt noch eine schöne Zeit!

xo Rebecca

wunderschöne Bilder! An den Eibsee wollte ich auch schon immer mal, wir sind letzte Woche auf dem Weg ins Zillertal nur dran vorbei gefahren und es ist atemberaubend! Was für schöne Ecken Deutschland doch auch hat <3
Verona steht auf jeden Fall auch noch auf meiner Liste, tolle Eindrücke!


Charlotte 9. September 2017 Reply

Wore hast du den orangenen Badeanzug her? Die beiden sind ja wunderschön!!!

    Janine Jahnke 9. September 2017 Reply

    Danke, die sind beide von Gooseberry Seaside 🙂 x

Dionne 3. November 2017 Reply

Hi janine, you made me excited to go to italy again! It’s such a great country. Love the photo’s!

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