Vintage video apps for Instagram stories

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They are everywhere on Instagram stories: videos with a vintage look. Ever since I started using vintage video apps for my Instagram stories, I have been getting a lot of questions about how I achieve this look.  In this post, I am going to share with you my favourite vintage video apps, which you can use to upgrade your Instagram game.

Vintage video app 1: 8mm vintage camera (my favourite)

I absolutely love this app! The 2$ that you spend on it are worth every cent. You can choose from 12 different vintage filters to apply to your video. I record the video straight on the app and it then saves directly to your camera roll, making it super easy to upload it to your Instagram story afterwards.


8mm vintage camera Vintage video apps for Instagram Stories

8mm Vintage video apps for Instagram Stories

Vintage video app 2: RAD VHS- retro Camcorder

This is another great app, with which you can create a vintage look for your videos. I definitely prefer the filters on the 8mm app, however, what I like about this app is that it comes with a cool date and time effect in the corner, which makes it look like those old videos filmed on a camcorder. You can play around with the video proportions, the glitch & the RGB. If you pick the portrait proportions you can easily upload the video onto your Instagram story after recording.

rad vhs retro camcorder Vintage video apps for Instagram Stories

rad vhs retro camcorder Vintage video apps for Instagram Stories

These are my two favourite apps for creating a vintage look for my videos. I definitely recommend buying either of them (or both) if you want to step up your Instagram story game and add a cool effect to your videos.


Johanna 13. January 2018 Reply

hi Janike,

I come from Sweden and my biggest dream is to become a blogger about fashion and travel. You are a big Inso for me<33 I wonder how you made your blog big and how you got people to found it since it is a wordpressblog and is not connected to a blog portal.

I have bought myself a WordPress blog, but I have problem with the post-function. When I add the pictures to the post in different sizes. But when I watch preview the hole post changes and look different. Do you have any idea how to solve this problem, how do you do?

Big hugs from me!<33

Johanna 13. January 2018 Reply

hahah oh sorry I spelled your name wrong, it was auto spelling, I promise:)

Krissi 13. January 2018 Reply

Das sind echt total coole Apps mit super Filtern. Danke für die Tipps 🙂
Mir gefällt besonders die Möglichkeit bei der zweiten App, Datum und Zeit hinzuzufügen. Das ist einfach so typisch Vintage und ist mega cool.

Ganz liebe Grüße,
Krissi von the marquise diamond

Olivia 30. March 2018 Reply

Awesome! Thanks so much for this! I just downloaded both of them. 🙂

Camila Crosbie 4. May 2018 Reply

How do I fit the videos of the 8mm app into stories ? It seems they are only available in a horizontal position

    Janine Jahnke 13. May 2018 Reply

    I just film it in portrait 🙂 x

Divya 27. June 2018 Reply


Do you find that you can only record in landscape and not vertical on these apps? How do you make it work for Insta Stories?


Yvonne 31. December 2018 Reply

Hii 💕 just came across your blog in this blogpost, så cute and inspiring! But how do u save the video to cameraroll after editing?

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