W Bangkok Hotel Review

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W Hotel Bangkok
Travelling a lot this past year, I have come to realize how good it is to stay at a nice hotel. I mean after all a hotel is your home away from home and a place of retreat from all the thrilling adventures and sightseeing excitement of the day.
For my last night in Bangkok I got the chance to stay at the W Bangkok and it was absolutely amazing. Why? Read about my last 24 hours in Bangkok at the W Hotel to find out the reasons for why I enjoyed my stay so much.

3:00 PM: Check-in time
From the moment I entered the W Hotel I was dazzled by the contemporary and unique design of the hotel.  Every corner seams to be filled with stylish design details where fashion meets culture.  Thai design elements such as the 800 different kinds of TUK TUK lights that make up the artwork next to the elevators on the ground floor, take in essence of the city and retransform it into dazzling art and architectural structures.
W Hotel Bangkok Elevator
3:30 PM: “Wow-what-a-room”
I stayed in the “spectacular room”, which was super spacious and offered a mesmerising view over Bangkok. The design of the room was just as cutting-edge as that of the rest of the hotel. Again, Thai-style elements were present, for example in the form of iconic boxing gloves on the bed or little dragons on the coverlet.
Furthermore, the room was equipped with some highly advanced technology such as a touch screen room control, with which you could change the light in the room, adjust the air condition, set an alarm etc.
W Hotel Bangkok Room
W Hotel Bangkok bed
W Hotel Bangkok bathroom shower
W Hotel Bangkok boxing gloves
4:00 PM Relaxing at the WET deck
After unpacking my clothes in the room, I went straight to the WET deck, which is the W Hotel’s outdoor pool. The staff there is very obliging so when I wanted to get a towel they grabbed one and put it onto a couch for me- what a service!
The pool is open 24/7 (night swim anyone?) and you can even listen to music underwater.  I spent the afternoon soaking up the sun and listening to the cool contemporary tunes that were played.
W Hotel Bangkok poolW Hotel Bangkok pool


6:00 PM Workout at the FIT gym
The W Hotel’s gym is located on the same floor as the pool and it is also open 24/7! After relaxing at the pool I decided to do a little evening workout. The gym is equipped with the latest fitness gear and technology, so whilst I was running on the treadmill I was able to surf the Internet on the LCD display- how cool is that?
W Hotel Bangkok gymW Hotel Bangkok fitness
9:00 PM Drinks at the WOOBAR
Even before I had heard about the W Hotel I had read about its famous WOOBAR in a travel guide. No wonder, this fashionable space is the vibrant backdrop for some cool beats and at the bar you can choose from a wide range of cocktail creations by W mixologists. They have even turned my favourite Thai desert Mango Sticky rice into a cocktail!
W Hotel Bangkok woo bar
10:15 AM Sleep in
If we strip it down to the basics, the main purpose of a hotel is for you to have a bed to sleep in. Thus, I believe that the quality of sleep you get in a hotel bed is crucial. In the evening I didn’t set myself an alarm for breakfast, because I knew that I usually never sleep longer than 9 o’clock.  However, the huge and cozy bed in combination with the curtains that really darkened the room I slept in until 10:15.


W Hotel Bangkok view
10:20 AM Breakfast buffet at The Kitchen Table
Rejuvenated from a good night’s sleep I jumped into my clothes and went down to the The Kitchen Table for breakfast. The breakfast buffet there was easily one of the largest and best I haver seen. From pastries, to fresh fruit over to Sushi- they have everything that one could desire.  With my breakfast I went to sit outside on the W Terrace,  from where I got a magnificent view on Sathorn Road and the Heritage buildings. What a start to the day!
W Hotel Bangkok the kitchen table
W Hotel Bangkok healthy juices
W Hotel Bangkok sushi breakfast
W Hotel Bangkok breakfast kitchen table
11:00 AM Pool time again
Knowing that this was my last day in Thailand, I couldn’t help myself but return to the pool.  This time I ordered myself some fresh coconut water (my latest obsession!) from the pool-side bar whilst enjoying the sun.

W Hotel Bangkok pool
W Hotel Bangkok coconut
W Hotel Bangkok pool
3:00 PM Late checkout
As my flight to Munich only left from Bangkok at midnight I was able to check out late from the W Hotel. I left my luggage in the lounge of the hotel and did some last minute shopping in Bangkok. In the late evening I returned to the W Hotel where I fortunately was able to use a shower room to freshen up for my flight. It’s little services like that, which totally enhance a hotel experience.
Thanks to the W Bangkok for having me and for making my last day in Bangkok an unforgettable experience!
Find out more about the W Bangkok on their website here


Mia Huber 20. April 2015 Reply

I LOVE THIS HOTEL… WOW..And I love the way you shared your experience!! Keep going. :)

Bouncing Brunette 20. April 2015 Reply

It looks AMAZING over there!x Angela //

Fashion Petite 23. April 2015 Reply

WOW amazing hotel!Love Lynda

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