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What’s in my carry on | 10 travel essentials

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Travelling is very exciting, but when it comes to long flights and multiple layover hours spent at the airport, there is also a not so fun side to it. That’s why it is so important to be prepared and to carry all your travel essentials in your hand luggage. Here are my 10 travel essentials that I always have with me in my carry-on:

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Healthy snacks

It is no news that plane food tastes rather bland, not to mention that most of the time it is also very unhealthy. I always carry healthy, vegan snacks with me to avoid getting hungry and being tempted to fall back to greasy plane food. My favourites are: cereals bars, date balls, dried fruit or veggie sushi, since those are the easiest options to carry with on the plane.

EOS hand lotion

The air in planes is extremely dry, which is why you usually arrive with red eyes, a scratchy throat and extremely dry skin. To combat the latter, I always carry a hand lotion with me to moisturize my hands during the flight, because if I don’t do so my hands become painfully dry. My go-to is the new eos vanilla orchid hand lotion (here), which contains shea butter, avocado oil, aloe vera and South African marula oil (which contains powerful antioxidants) to moisturize and soothe the skin. As its name suggests, it smells like vanilla and orchids and comes in the perfect size and shape to easily fit into my carry-on. Apart from the vanilla orchid lotion, I also like the berry blossom hand lotions, which has a berry scent. The best part: all of the eos hand lotions are vegan too!

Lip balm

Just like my hands, my lips also tend to get extremely dry whilst being on a plane. That is why a moisturizing lip balm with natural oils and shea butter like the new eos visibly soft pure softness (here) is a must for me.

Toothbrush and toothpaste

I always carry a toothbrush and a small tube (below 100ml) of toothpaste in my carry-on luggage. Brushing my teeth after a meal on the airplane makes me feel a million times fresher.


The light on the airplane is usually too bad or too harsh, making my eyes too tired to read a book. Instead of settling for a crappy movie, I prefer listening to inspiring audiobooks or podcasts. I make sure to download new podcast episodes and audiobooks onto my phone before the flight and to always carry a pair of headphones with me.

Lavender Oil

If you are someone like me who experiences blocked ears or ear pain whilst flying, lavender oil is a live saver. I put a few drops onto a cotton pad and place that into my ears. It might look strange, but trust me- it helps!

Cozy socks

The temperature on planes is a constant struggle: either it is so hot that you want to peel yourself out of all the clothes that you are wearing or it is freezing cold. Most of the time I experience the latter, since the cabin crew tends to turn the air condition on full blast. To stay comfy and warm I take a cozy pair of socks with me to wear during the flight.

Passport and other travel documents

It is probably obvious that you should always carry your passport and travel documents in your hand luggage. My tip: put all your important documents into a clear envelope so you have them together and within reach. There is nothing more annoying than standing by the security control and taking ages to look through your bag just to find your plane ticket.

Eye Mask

Let’s be honest, airplanes are not necessarily the nicest place to sleep. This is why taking as many “sleeping aids” as possible is key. I always take an eye mask, earplugs or even a small neck pillow with me, to make my sleeping situation as comfortable as possible.


Why not spend the multiple waiting hours doing something productive instead of just sitting around? I always feel very inspired when I am flying, because it seems as though there are no distractions and you are far away from everything else. I always have my diary and a notebook in my carry-on so that I can write down what I experienced on my travels and take notes of what inspired me.

With all these items in my carry-on, my journey is a lot more relaxed and when I arrive I can truly enjoy the time at my travel destination. What are your travel essential? Let me know in the comments 🙂

What’s in my carry on | 10 travel essentials

What’s in my carry on | 10 travel essentials

eos vanilla orchid

What’s in my carry on 10 travel essentials


Undefined by Kat 20. February 2018 Reply

While I carry a lot of these around, some essentials like the lavender oil are a good insider tip to know. Nice post!

Nabeela 28. February 2018 Reply

Makes me want to hop on a plane right away. Love the photos too x

Svenja 16. March 2018 Reply

Bald werde ich nach Neuseeland fliegen und daher werd ich unendlich lange fliegen müssen.. aber dann kann ich einige Tipps umsetzen. Bisher hab ich noch nicht dran gedacht mir Podcasts während eines Fluges anzuhören. Damit könnte man die Zeit bestimmt gut umkriegen.
LG, Svenja von

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