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What’s your focus on?

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We live in a world full of violence & hate. In a world where wars happen, where people kill and where power and money are the main motivation.

We live in a world full of peace & love. In a world where miracles occur, where babies are born and where love is the driving force behind everything.

Despite the fact that the above paragraphs express quite the contrary they are equally true.

But what kind of world do we really live in?
What kind of reality are you experiencing?

It is up to you.
You create your reality by choosing your focus.

You can focus on all the bad things in your life.  You can complain about your work, get angry because of your partner, criticize yourself, nag about the weather or get lost in the seemingly helpless situation you find yourself in.

On the other hand, you can focus on all the good things in your life. You can be thankful for the bed you sleep in, appreciate the people you love, honour your body for making your life possible, be grateful for little moments of happiness and trust that life will work itself out.

Everyday you have the choice: What are you going to focus on? The fun thing about this is, that the more you focus onto the positive, the more of it will appear in your life.

Do you want to survive every day or live it?

Again, you have the choice:
Are you going to gulp down your coffee, or are you going to smell it, taste it and enjoy it?
Are you going to give your best friend a quick hug, or are you going to truly embrace the person and appreciate them being in your life?
Are you quickly skimming over the incoming text message which says “I love you” or are you going to take in what those 3 words really mean and let them fill your heart with love?

You have to train yourself into seeing the good in your life, no matter how hard it may appear sometimes.

By choosing what you dedicate your valuable time and thoughts to, you choose what dominates in your life.

Choose your focus, choose your life.

What’s your focus on?


Book/ Audiobook recommendation: The Vortex: Where the law of attraction assembles all cooperative relationships here //Book recommendation (German): Füttere den weißen Wolf (here)


OneMan 8. October 2017 Reply

Wonderful (hands in the sky for happiness)!!! Power and money are angels in the hands of devils… With power you can take the decisions to make the world a better place, with money you can give to everyone the life he deserves. And if you take all these “motivations” with love, you have my stupid and crazy goal in this journey. You have wars because people focus only on their life, on their swimming pool in the garden, on their third summer house in spain, on their city, on their “great” country. Taking responsibility for the world is taking responsibility for yourself: Janine, you’re the world, you’re not the girl born in Munich and bla bla bla, you’re a human being who has the power to change the world. That’s all… 🙂 🙂 🙂

Krissi 9. October 2017 Reply

Toller Text, richtig schön geschrieben und soo wahr <3
Es ist wirklich so: Wenn man sich auf etwas konzentriert, seinen Fokus auf etwas legt, begegnet es einem überall. Wenn man sich also auf die positiven Seiten des Lebens fokusiert, erlebt man auch positive Dinge. 🙂

Ganz liebe Grüße,
Krissi von the marquise diamond

    Janine Jahnke 10. October 2017 Reply

    Tausen Dank für dein liebes feedback Krissi 🙂 <3

Anni 13. October 2017 Reply

Dieser Text ist superschön geschrieben und so wahr?

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