Why I deleted my Snapchat

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I have always had a love & hate relationship with Snapchat. On one hand the app makes it so easy to share intimate moment of your everyday life, which are not “Instagram-worthy”. On the other hand it tends to consume you, soaking up the last few seconds of your time that are not spend on Facebook, Tumblr or another social app. A few months ago I have decided to make a cut and delete Snapchat from my phone. Here is why:

Why I deleted my Snapchat

Too much time on social media

I would start off by scrolling through my entire Instagram feed and check if I got any new followers or comments. Then I would quickly log into facebook to see if I had received new messages. Next were my two emails accounts and after that I would go on tumblr to answer any anonymous questions. Once I was done with that Snapchat was my last destination. I would spend soo much time watching everyone’s stories and once I was finished that someone would have already posted something new onto their story. It was like a vicious cycle: you keep watching and watching eager for more input.

Consumed by a the image I was creating of myself

I was not only a sucker for the Snapchat stories of other people, but also a “creator” of my own Snapchat content. I wanted people to like me and to see the “real”, fun me. Whenever and wherever I was I tried to get something out of the moment that was “Snapchat worthy”. Constantly seeing myself in my phone camera, trying to look my best 24/7 slowly started eating me up and created so many self-doubts. When I was wearing makeup Snapchat was fun. I could show people how good I looked and how awesome my life was. However, when my day was rather boring and I wasn’t looking my best I started doubting myself and feeling unhappy, just because I didn’t have anything cool to post on Snapchat.

No more Privacy

Don’t get me wrong- I love sharing my experiences on my blog and Instagram. I think it is great to have this medium where you can connect with people from all over the world, but in the end it is crucial to maintain some sort of privacy. When you spend every awake moment capturing your experiences on Snapchat you loose any remaining privacy. Oftentimes I have met people that I went to school with and they knew exactly what I have been up to the last couple of days or where I travelled last, just because they watched my Snapchat story. Whenever people in real life approached me with all this information they had gathered about me online I felt a little creeped out and it made me think twice about what I would post on Snapchat.

Not enjoying the moment

As I previously mentioned: I would spend most of my time either thinking about whether a moment was “Instagram Worthy” or exciting enough to be uploaded onto my Snapchat story. Instagram only occupies a few moments of your day, which in my opinion is totally legit, but Snapchat takes ALL of your time, because there is just no limit. You can post your breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can share what you did with your friends, how you get ready for a party or how you are bored at home. This constant occupation with Snapchat totally stops you from really living and enjoying the moment.

Sometimes you just need to put your phone away, switch it off and start learning how to enjoy the present. Raw and without a filter.

Overall I guess I was also scared where all of this was heading. I have made so many positive experiences and met a lot of amazing people through Social Media (especially Instagram), yet I am scared of where all this modern technology is taking us. Where will we be in 20 years? Will everyone be running around with a screen in front of their faces, communicating only through technology? I hope not! At the moment I am reading a book called “The Circle” by David Eggers, which takes the idea of our social media addicted society to an extreme and has really gotten me thinking.

I could probably not go without Instagram or Facebook anymore, but I think by deleting the most time consuming and privacy robbing app Snapchat I have taken a little step into the right direction.

Over the last few months there have been times where I had considered getting back onto Snapchat, but after reading that book I am pretty certain when I say:

“Bye bye Snapchat. See you never.”


Lili 3. February 2016 Reply

Hi, so amazing that you’re reading the book ‘the circle’, I had to read it for school a few years ago and I really enjoyed, wishing you the best!!!!!

    Janine Jahnke 4. February 2016 Reply

    So cool that you read it in school! I am really enjoying it too 🙂 Wishing you all the best too xx

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