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Winter Wonderland

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This year I fell in love with winter. I always used to think that I was a summer person and that the best thing to during winter was to leave the country and head somewhere tropical. However, this year I made the most out of the winter months and completely changed my mind about the season.

How I fell in love with winter

In December Julia and I did a road trip to Arosa and St.Moritz aswell as a couple of day trips to Kitzbühel. We went snowboarding, tobogganing, ice skating and did long walks through the snow-covered forest. To get into the Christmas spirit we visited some cute Christmas markets in Munich and Kitzbühel. All of this helped me discovered the perks of the winter.

Turn the bad into good

Funnily enough, the things I The things I used to hate about winter turned into my favourite aspects of it.  First of all, I used to hate the cold- brrr. This year I began enjoying the freshness of the crisp, freezing air and the feeling you get once you cuddle up on the couch after a day outside, your cheeks tinted rosy from the cold.  The worst thing about winter in my opinion (and the one thing I still struggle with) is the fact that the sun sets so early during this time of the year. What was I supposed to do with my day if it already dark by 4:30? Eventually, though I started liking the fact that this offered the opportunity to wind down, relax and take some quiet time at home. Our lives tend to get so busy, and winter is the season that we (just like nature) should all naturally slow down a bit and take a break.

Growing up in a cold country like Germany I think I have taken winter for granted and stopped appreciating its beauty. Only after spending Christmas in Cape Town last year and realizing that something was missing, I began appreciating winter.

Make the most out of it

In the past used to think that there is absolutely nothing, you can do in winter, except for stay inside and go skiing once in a while.  By making the decision to truly make the most out of the winter/ pre-Christmas time by visiting beautiful places in Switzerland and Austria and by doing all these winter activities like ice skating, snowboarding, tobogganing etc. I completely changed my attitude towards the cold season and instead of complaining about it, I actually began enjoying it.

This once again shows that it is all about how you look at the things in your life and what you make out of the circumstances you have been given.

I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas and are making the most out of winter (if you have it in your country)!

Here are my favourite pictures of my winter 2018:

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Kimberly 31. December 2017 Reply

Es geht mir einfach ganz genauso. Ich war immer schon ein absolutes Sommerkind,
abeeeer wenn überall alles weiß ist, man Ski fährt oder einfach mit dem Schlitten irgendwo runter rodelt, sich dann auf eine Tasse Tee oder Kakao drinnen aufwärmt, dann hat das irgendwie so seine ganz eigene Magie. Ich hoffe auch, dass ich im kommenden Jahr mal wieder einen Winterurlaub machen kann! Deine Fotos regen einen echt dazu an. Würde am liebsten sofort losfahren haha.
Übrigens mag ich es total deine Beiträge zu lesen, die sind immer so schön aufgebaut.
Und ich bin echt verliebt in die Art, wie du deine Bilder bearbeitest!
Ich wünsche dir einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr xx

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