Yellow ruffle dress

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This week is going to be quite emotional and crazy. Tomorrow I am leaving Cape Town, my apartment and my boyfriend Alex behind, and I am going back to Europe for the summer.

What are my plans for after this summer? I honestly don’t know. I am trying not to stress myself out too much about the future, but if I am honest all this uncertainty does scare me a little. At the same time not having a fixed plans also comes with a lot of advantages, since not knowing where you will be in one year is quite exciting and sounds like more fun than having everything figured out for the next five years ahead.

Anyway, I will keep you updated on everything and I already have a more detailed life update post planned, but for now I want to share this summery outfit with you. Even though it is currently winter in Cape Town (the seasons are the other way around than in Europe) the sun comes out quite a lot, which makes it nice and warm and not feel like winter at all. The other day when we took these photos, it was one of those days and I was able to wear this new ruffle summer dress.

Even though I will miss Cape Town for the time that I am gone, I am very much looking forward to European summer and to wearing dresses like this one more often again.

yellow summer dress jolie janineyellow summer dress jolie janineyellow summer dress jolie janineyellow summer dress jolie janine

Pictures by TMVisuals // Edit by me

Dress: swfboutique
Hat: Billabong


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    Janine Jahnke 29. June 2017 Reply

    Danke dir Sarah! Ich werde euch auf jeden Fall auf dem Laufenden halten 🙂 xx

    Janine Jahnke 29. June 2017 Reply

    I never thought that I yellow suited me, but now I am so in love! 🙂 <3

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