Yoga- my top tips on how to get started

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Yoga is one of my favourite hobbies. Apart from being an amazing stretch, protecting you from injuries and improving your balance it is also a great workout.  Moreover, it is the ideal addition to other sports such as running or fitness. Ever since I got back into my Yoga practice on Bali, I am hooked again. Thus I decided to share my personal top Yoga beginner tips with you in this post.

1) Find a good Studio

If you are new to Yoga finding a good studio, Yoga style and teacher is key. Try out different Yoga studios and types until you find one that you are truly happy with. My favourite styles are Vinyasa, Aerial and Hot Yoga. I would recommend going to a studio that focus on Yoga instead of visiting Yoga classes at your gym, since they tend to be more professional.

2) Practice a little bit every day

If you want to see progress it is important to be consistent with Yoga. You don’t have to practice for hours every day, but a doing a little 15-minute Youtube Yoga tutorial will really help you see progress quickly.


Yoga tips for beginners

Yoga tips for beginners-3

3) Don’t be so hard on yourself

I find that with Yoga you can easily be unhappy with your progress, if you start comparing yourself to some “Yoga gurus” on the internet or more advanced practitioners in your Yoga class. Yes, you might not be able to do standing splits or a handstand, but that is totally ok. You are not doing Yoga to impress anyone, you are doing it for yourself.

 4) Focus on your favourites

Everyone of us has their dreaded Yoga exercises that they really don’t want to do. Instead of beating yourself up about not being able to progress in a particular pose try and start your practice with some exercises that you thoroughly enjoy. That way you will be more motivated to do Yoga.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should totally ditch any exercises you don’t like. Usually the exercise that you find the hardest are the ones your body needs the most.


Yoga tips for beginners-2

5) Get inspired

One of my biggest tips with Yoga is to constantly seek inspiration. There are plenty of Yoga pages on Instagram (e.g. @bananablondie) and Youtube (e.g. bohobeautifullife) that will inspire you to try out new poses and to keep practicing.  The German onlineshop Zalando has also recently launched their We love Yoga Project (check it out here) which is an amazing platform with tutorials, nutrition tips, Yoga fashion inspiration and everything else on the topic. The platform has been created for beginners and advanced Yogis, so make sure to check it out for more Yoga inspo!

 6) Document your progress

Once you have started practicing, documenting your Yoga progress can be a fun thing to do. Oftentimes, it will be hard for yourself to tell if you have made any improvements, so taking photographs from time to time in the poses that you are currently focusing on, will help you examine whether you have made any progress and- if you have, this will be a huge motivation boost.


Yoga tips for beginners-5

Yoga tips for beginners-4


I can only recommend anyone to give Yoga a try. Julia for example used to hate Yoga and has only started giving it a shot half a year ago, but now she absolutely loves it and practices nearly every day.
I hope you find these tips helpful- just remember that I am not a professional when it comes to Yoga, so none of the Yoga poses I am doing in the pictures will be perfect. Namaste 😉

xx Janine

In collaboration with Zalando We Love Yoga

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